Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol Recap: Elton John Night

Woo hoo! Elton John week! Hoping it will be a good one.
Let's kick it off, everyone. I need my Idol fix.

Scotty: Hahaha this made me laugh so hard: "Some people think he's a one trick pony, but it's the best trick I've ever seen." -Jimmy. Gee, thanks?
"Country Comfort"
He knows how to make any song country. No doubt he's talented, but he's getting boring to me. This song was not very exciting, and I think he could have done much better. It was solid, but like I said before, he's almost too good. He's consistently good though, and that'll get him through. At least Scotty busted out the ol' guitar, and showed a little variety. And oh, so cute, he said "Hi" to h grandma. Yeah he'll make it through again.
The judges, of course, loved him. Steven uttered some nonsense, JLo loved him, and so did Randy. By the way, Scotty copied Paul's talking to the audience thing.

Naima: "I'm Still Standing"
Like Scotty, she copied Paul's talking to the audience. Sorry guys, Paul has the charm to pull it off.
Why is she trying to be Jamaican? It's a little weird to me. I feel like Naima tried a little too hard. The reggae tune did not work at all for this song, and while Naima definitely has good stage presence, but this didn't do it for me. Not a fan of this performance. I love her ethnic vibe (I really do, it's something different), but this was forced ethnic.
JLo likes Naima, but not the reggae song, I'm definitely with her on that. Randy called it a little corny. That's exactly what I was trying to say! Steven says, "boom shaka laka laka, baby." Um...

Paul: So I've been hoping that Paul would play the piano this week, and maybe sing "Levon." I think he could do an awesome job with that song. Then, the show started and I saw he was wearing his rhinestone cowboy suit. Yess! Then during the intro I could've sworn I saw him singing with the lyrics to "Rocket Man." We shall see if I was correct...
Okay, love his band stories. The Grand Mags are amazing.
And I was correctomundo! "Rocket Man" is the song. I can recognize Paul from the back of his head.
Okay, a little pitchy at the beginning, but god damn, I'm pretty sure he was singing directly to me. The chorus was amazing, I couldn't stop listening. The last note was a little strange though. I love it when Paul starts stomping his foot when performing, it shows his passion and his involvment in the song. Paul can definitely do tender, he just needs to get into the groove of the song right away. The chorus was the best part, but I'm not blown away by the performance. Yearg!
Randy, you got your tenderness. JLo, I definitely agree that Paul needs to unleash all that he has, but not yet. He needs to wait at least another week to just floor us all. Everyone will become a fan then.

Perfect Pia: "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"
I didn't want to say it again, but stay the hell away from Paul! He's already bound to me for life, although he doesn't know it yet.
Yeah Pia, let's ignore the advice of the judges and sing another ballad. Oh and let's add a sunset background. Cheese-tastic. Okay Pia, I hate to admit this...but this was a pretty good performance. It was a more upbeat version of a ballad. Pia can hit just about every note ever invented (just listen to last few seconds, she got all of them in there). Some emotion came through, though I'm sure it was fear of falling out of her stripper shoes.
I agree with the judges, Pia did a good job. But she needs to sing something different. I'm thinking she could be an Adele type.

Stefano: "Tiny Dancer"
To start, I heard Stefano trying to sing this at first, and I couldn't help but think, "Paul should have sang this." Oh well.
Well at least Stefano tried to get more into the song, that's a nice change from him. It's definitely better than last week's performance. But because it is so distinctive, changing the song just a little bit doesn't work (seriously, it sounded a little forced to me). I'm torn, it was just okay. I wasn't blown away, but it was definitely better than last week.
JLo, please don't say Stefano's name wrong. Grr. The judges gushed over Stefano, and him being "so crazy young." Mi padre pointed out that the judges don't seem to care too much about Stefano. They know that he'll be gone soon.

Seriously, Paul should have sang "Tiny Dancer." That song was practically written for him. Gosh darnit! I'm a little worried about Paul's safety. Because it just hit me (again) that two are going home next week. Sigh...

Lauren: normally takes her 10 minutes to put on makeup? Or did she mean 10 minutes for the mascara?
"Candle in the Wind"
By far the best performance she's had so far, in fact the best of the night so far. I'm not Lauren's biggest fan, but this made me reconsider. Wow wow. I even got goosebumps, crazy right? Lauren definitely impressed me tonight. If Lauren keeps this awesomeness up, she can consider me a fan! Not to mention she has variety, she's not like Perfect Pia the Ballad Robot. My only issue is her stage presence (or lack thereof). And now she's flirting with Ryan...
The judges love her, of course, and Steven REALLY loves her. They agreed with me, naturally, that it was her best performance so far.
I have to say, I feel like the judges and the show are really gonna push Lauren Alaina on America. They want a girl American Idol, after seasons of guy winners, and Lauren seems like a good pick. She's cute, just a little annoying, humble, fun, and has some discernible talent. Don't be surprised when you're forced to love Ms. Alaina.

Oh, and did you see her mom/sister? Lauren's mom is having a serious identity crisis. She keeps trying to dress like her daughter, or even younger. No one believes it.

James: I love seeing Twitch (kind of) mocking himself. Too cute.
"Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting"
I'm glad to see him getting away from his strong Adam Lambert connection, going more rock than pop. But he does have Lambert's same awesome performance ability and stage presence. James knows how to engage the audience and have fun while doing it.
I'm so impressed with Twitch!!! He is so rock 'n roll and he pulls it off so well (not forced at all). Wow that was excellent.
JLo and I agree about James' performance ability. I want to watch him sing! Randy loved him, duh, and so did Steven. James totally deserved the compliments.
Hahaha!! Love that he said he wanted to avoid having a "Pepsi moment." Haha oh James.

Thia: "Daniel"
Whoa Jimmy gave her some tough love. Nice man.
Hmm... Felt a little too forced to me. Maybe it's because I feel like her voice doesn't fit her? I don't know. I wasn't crazy about it. Thia is so super cute, I just wish she was a little better! I don't know if we need her around anymore. I could feel her trying to show emotion (overemphasis on trying, because it was apparent she wanted us to know she was trying), but it didn't work for me.
Randy thought it was a little safe, and I agree. Maybe that will affect the voting and keep P McD safe?

Um Thia's brother's name is Kalea. So we have Thia Megia and Kalea Megia. Oh lordy...

Casey: "Your Song"
Casey cut his hair and trimmed his beard. Yipee! He looks a lot better now.
Interesting how Jimmy said about Casey being "humble". Interesting...
Casey brought his own charming, quirky touch to his beautiful song. He's shown his tender side here, and I have to say I Iove it. Especially when he can combine it with his raspy stuff, it adds something different. Wowzsers Cabrams! You deserved that save, pal.
And you gave me a newfound love for this song (also love Ewan McGregor singing it in Moulin Rogue. Swoon...).
Judges don't regret saving him, which is good! Steven rambled on about something with the last two notes? Huh? JLo looked like she was gonna cry when talking about saving Casey. Cute.

Jacob: "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word"
Oh lordy... I'm preparing myself for dramatic gospel.
Nice fog, that's not at all dramatic. I have to say, one of the best parts of watching Jacob sing is seeing all the ridiculous faces he makes. Amusing! My dad said, "Dude, why don't you just start crying?" Hahaha that's so Jacob, making ridiculous faces that look like he's about to cry. My dad is sitting next to me, attempting to mock Mr. Jacob, and it's amusing. Jacob bothers me so much. I want him to leave. His voice doesn't appeal to me at all. Nope nope.
Steven loved the first half, and the second half. So the whole thing...? Haha. Randy says he needs his "Jacob spot." Well okee doke.

Haley: "Bennie and the Jets"
Let me just start with, I want to like Haley. I hope she does well and redeems herself, or doesn't do well and leaves. We shall see.
Oh gosh, sitting on the piano? Not a fan of that. I liked it at the beginning! Until she sang, "Bennie and the Jets" for the first time. (Whenever I hear "electric boots" I think "electric boobs" like from 27 Dresses.) So, Haley definitely had some good moments. I can't really watch her sing, but I thought this was a really good performance. I was wondering why they were saving her for the end, and now I know why! She did well, her besg performance yet. Haley won't be going home, and she doesn't deserve to after tonight.
Randy, best of the night? I wouldn't go that far. Haley's best? Yes, for sure homes.

Alrighty, here's my final prediction. I can't remember if they do Bottom Four when they're eliminating two, so I'm doing Bottom Three
Naima, Stefano, Thia.
Naima and Stefano are probably getting the boot. I dearly hope there isn't a bottom four, because I'm a little nervous that Paul, my Future Fiancé, might be in the bottom. If I was a praying girl, I'd do that.
But instead, I'm going to go vote for Paul 200+ times.



  1. HAHHAAH rachel. this is great. we may or may not have one mind lol.

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