Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol Results Recap: The Night I Almost Lost My Mind

Okee dokee! 'Tis time for the show of shows, American Idol. My greatest addiction.
Pizza + American Idol = Great Night. I think I'm ready. I'm super pumped, but maybe a little worried. We'll just see how it goes.

So my family and I have placed our bets on the bottom 4 and who goes home.
My predictions:
Bottom Three
1) Naima
2) Stefano
3) Thia

I refuse to think Paul will be anywhere near the bottom, because if he is, I'll lose it. And if he goes home, which he WON'T, I'll lose it and have an emotional breakdown.

Going Home
Naima and Stefano

Mom's predictions:
Bottom Three
1) Naima
2) Thia
3) Lucas Lanes (Stefano)

Going Home
Naima and Thia

Mi Padre's predictions:
Bottom Four:
1) Thia Megia
2) Lucas Lanes (Stefano)
3) Jamaican Girl (Naima)

Going Home
Naima and Lucas Lanes (Stefano)

Looks like we're mostly in agreement.

Just so everyone knows, this will be a stream-of-consciousness kind of recap/post. It's easier that way, and you get to read all my thoughts. You're pumped too, I know.
So let's get rolling...

Scotty and Lauren singing together? Cheesy, I called it. By the way, Lauren's new nickname is Lucy Lovelace, thanks to my Padre.
Wow this is SO corny! Mom said they're 16, 17 and it's so corny that they're singing that song.

And Alfred E. Newman and Lucy Lovelace (and her sister/mom) live to sing another week.

Wow that stupid message from the Idols was lame. Paul said, "Go watch the videos." Okay I will!!
Now the Ford music video... Perfect Pia, I know Paul's awesome and all, but come on, back off. You're way too orange for him anyway. Plus, you have a boyfriend! Yeah, a boyfriend. Best news of the day, so far.

Okay, I'm sending Paul some awesome fan mail. I've had it for a week now, I just gotta send it. He'll love it.

Naima and Jacob sing together. I didn't realize this was Karaoke Idol. Terrible.
Haha this song makes me think of SNL, when they sang "Solid as Barack." Better version, I'll tell you that.

Jacob looks like he's not breathing. He's praying so hard right now.
Naima is in the bottom. Looks like Padre, Mom, and I are 1 for 4 (3?)

Skipped through Fantasia, she sounds like she's 5. Jacob looks like he's about to bust out of his skin watching Fantasia.

Haley, Thia, and Pia.
"Teenage Dream?" Please, no.
All the girls are stand-dancing. Their heels are way too high to move anyway.

Pia is safe. Ugh. Haley is safe, Thia is in the bottom. We're all 2 for 3.

Love the Rockstar Life montage. Paul's suitcase has a Hightide Blues sticker! Woo hoo. Lauren's fall was funny.
Hahaha Casey had his stuff in trash bags and an office box.
Oh, of course Lauren got a tan. What about Pia? Because there's no way that orange is natural.

Paul, Stefano, Casey, James.
Wow Paul's voice is stunning in this song. Gosh I love him, especially when he rocks out when playing the gee-tar. He's the only one I'm commenting on.
Paul is in his element here, it's awesome.
Dude!! Poster that says "Paul Has American Dreams." Love it.

Moment of truth...
Casey's in, duh. James is safe, yipee! I bet Paul is freaking out like I am.
I think I'm gonna lose it. I'm pretty much about to cry, no joke. HOLY FRICKIN COW. Paul cannot go home, because no one wants to see my emotional breakdown.
Deep breath... I think Paul will be safe. He has to be, right?

Oh yeah, looks like Padre, Mom and I were wrong about Lucas Lanes. That makes me upset.

PAUL MADE IT!!!! This is the best new of the day. Holy crap I'm pretty sure I just had a near death experience.
Oh gosh I am so beyond relieved.
Paul, please bring it so hard next week! (This may or may not be a sexual innuendo.) I want you to stun the audience and rock it out.
Ahhh you're safe!! Pardon my mini-freak out. This was just very terrifying for me.

Bye, Naima and Thia. Looks like Mom was right about who was going home.

This was the most stressful episode ever. Time for me to pull myself together.
One last note, Paul needs to impress us next week, he needs to be the best of the night. I'm expecting amazingness!!!

Toodle-oo, everyone. Wish me luck in recovery.


  1. Keep a brown bag next to you from now on...inhale, exhale. Ta-ta, Karl P.

  2. hahah "paul can't go home, no one wants to see my emotional breakdown" ... hahah that was so me!