Tuesday, August 9, 2011

America's Got Talent: YouTube Edition

It's time for America's Got Talent: YouTube Edition! I'm not completely sure how this will work out, but oh well. (PS: Sorry about missing last week, I was doing something else patriotic - watching Captain America.)

TNC Elite
This group is a modern clogging dance team. I'm pretty doubtful about how cool this will be, mostly because I hate the sound of the shoes.
Oh cool, they were all spray tanned before the show too (totally necessary). They clogged to a slowed down version of "I Got a Feeling," and their clogs annoyed me. The music and the noise together just bothered me, and the music didn't really work with the dance (even if they try to be "modern"). I have major respect for these guys because they just never stop moving, but I wasn't excited. Mostly because they weren't risking their lives.
Piers thought they were pretty good, Sharon was confused (as was I), and Howie was bored like I was.
Overall Grade: C-

Brett Daniels
I really effed it up this time, didn't I America? (See that Mum reference?)
This guy used to be a very successful illusionist, but then he lost a bunch of money investing in a new magic idea. Now he's back, at the ripe age of 50, to prove himself yet again.
Brett is doing a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, which I hope works out well. But wait!!! When the red curtain fell down over the picture, I saw him flip a lever and swtich the image to nothing (I hated to see that, but I did). Then some chick appeared, and then she disappeared. Also, the dancing thing was weird and unnecessary.
The judges see potential, but obviously didn't see what I saw.
Overall Grade: D+ Look, I'm always thrilled when illusionists makes someone disappear, but since I saw Brett pull the lever, I docked his grade...

Gabe Rocks
Gabe is a skateboarding bulldog, and I just don't see what's going to be so awesome about him. He isn't even that cute (and I only like cute dogs).
Okay, I'll be honest, I thought it was pretty amusing that the dog went on a rocking horse and a skateboard. But it was nothing mind blowing, I'm sure that I could teach my dog Jackson to do that (in fact, I just might). So, I wasn't enthralled.
Piers X'd this dog and implied that he might quit this show. Sharon and Howie seemed to love Gabe, but I'm not completely sure why.
Overall Grade: C-

They're parkour guys!! Guess who loves parkour? This girl right here. I especially love the parkour thing from The Office (I'm going to find you guys a clip).

First thought: Those dancing girls and weird and pointless. Anyway, I love parkour! This was such a rad act, and they jumped off of all sorts of different things. Then one of the guys got into a giant hoop. Not to mention, there are 5 shirtless guys...
Piers X'd these guys, he clearly doesn't understand parkour (I usually like Piers, but he's a grumpy gills tonight). Sharon thought they were repetitive, and Howie enjoyed Aeon.
Overall Grade: B-

Breena Bell
She's an 8-year-old dancing contortionist. From her video clip, I'm going to guess she got her start in Toddlers and Tiaras.
Breena is adorable, I just think that having such a young girl do contortionist things is weird (and creepy to watch). But there's no doubt that she's an excellent dancer. I'm so impressed that she did an aerial cartwheel! If they left out the contortionist stuff, I'd be a bigger fan.
Piers X'd little Breena, and suggested that she should do gymnastics and maybe go for the Olympics (wowzers). Sharon and Howie pretty much agree with Piers, which means she's outta here.
Overall Grade: C

Kevin Colis
He is a 33 year old musician from Texas. This guy is very cheesy about music, he said their was an empty space without music. Whatever.
Ugh, Kevin is singing "The Lazy Song," which I hate. Let me blunt, I'm not a huge fan of his voice. There is nothing special about it, and I'm not completely impressed (even though I wanted to be). Is this really the best singer they found of their YouTube auditions? If so, I should have tried out.
Howie liked his voice (??), so did Piers and Sharon. What is up with that?
Overall Grade: C- I didn't think he was nearly as good as they made him out to be... Kevin is just average.

Beth Ann Robinson
This is the second Southern girl who is overly peppy. For 14, she looks anorexic (as my mum pointed out).
Beth started out in a cage, which I think is way too stripper-esque for a young girl like her to do. Otherwise, she's really a good dancer. It's beautiful, elegant, and creative. I dig it! Favorite of the night so far.
Piers pretty much agreed with me (duh), Sharon and Howie loved it.
Overall Grade: A-

This group has been around since the 40s, and I think it's so rad how the group works. Also, it's dangerous, which we all know that I love.
They're performing to "The Edge of Glory," and that was fan-frickin-tastic. Seriously, I couldn't tear my eyes from the screen, it was that good. These guys were amazing and intense. New favorite of the night!
All of the judges were so impressed, and surprised that they aren't professionals.
Overall Grade: A for amazing!!

Kalani Basketball Freestyle
This guy is very attractive and Hawaiian, how cool. I can't wait to see what he can do with basketballs.
There's no doubt that this guy is super talented (and sometimes it looks like the ball is floating) and creative. That being said, I don't think that he'd make a great show in Vegas. I like watching him once, but that's probably it.
So, Piers X'd him (of course) because he accidentally dropped a ball. Howie agrees with my thoughts on the whole show thing...
Overall Grade: C+

West Springfield Dance Team
They actually want to look like this.
These dancers pretty much turn to zombies when they dance, which is weird. I'm not sure if I'm going to like them...
Not only was the music weird (and super irritating), it wasn't even great dancing. They seem to be going more for the scare effect more than anything. I'm not a fan, sorry. I'm all about things that are weird and different, but not dancing zombies.
All of the judges pretty much seemed to dig the creepy factor of the performance.
Overall Grade: C

Matt Wilhelm
This guy got the most votes on YouTube, and is a bike trickster. I hope that he is risking life and limb so that I am entertained. Good luck, sir.
It's really trippy because Matt is wearing all black and riding a red bike in the dark. That way we only see the red bike (which is kind of weird). So, I thought this act was pretty cool, but it trippy to just see the bike. Then he switched outfits and all we saw was him in the air, then he got back on the red bike. Now I'm impressed!!
The judges loved him, naturally. That's because Matt was frickin awesome.
Overall Grade: A

Oh great, this is going to be a real life version of Glee. Apparently, the writer of Glee watched them which inspired the show.
I hate the song "Firework," so I already hate this performance. Not to mention, I don't think they sound very great together. As a (sometimes) fan of Glee, I think this is am annoying version of the show. At least the kids on the TV show are better performers and such. That was very cheesy.
Howie X'd them, because Glee set the bar, and they didn't meet it. Piers thought it was very cheesy (which it was), but it made him happy, same with for Sharon.
Overall Grade: D

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