Wednesday, August 10, 2011

America's Got Talent: YouTube Week Results

After a rather disappointing night (at least in my eyes), it's time to announce those who move onto the next round. Since I forgot to make predictions yesterday about who will move on, I'll do that now...

My Predictions:
Beth Ann Robinson
Matt Wilhelm
Kevin Colis (even though he bored me)

Let's get started!

The First Act to Move On: Gymkana
Sweet! I'm one for one so far, and that's a good thing. No more terrible Powerhouse, and I have another reason to keep watching this show (next to my future best friend, Daniel Joseph Baker).

Tonight they are having a bunch of internet sensations perform. I'm not sure whether or not I'm excited...
Tay Zonday is up first, singing this song called "Chocolate Rain" (which literally lasted 30 seconds). It's a really dumb song...

After Tay, is a lip-synching guy called Keenan Cahill. I don't understand why people like him. Is it because he's a litle person (is that the politically correct term?)? Then Nick Cannon came onstage and started rapping, which was a skill I didn't know he possessed.

After the commercial break, OK Go is performing a song called "All Is Not Lost." While I'm really not a huge fan of their music, they do the sickest music videos. That one was amazing, I couldn't keep my eyes off of the screen. I want to find that on YouTube for you guys!

Second Act to Move On: Matt Wilhelm
I am two for two, hopefully I keep this streak going. I'm telling you, America loves my motto: Entertain me or die trying. Matthew sure as hell did that last night. up is Rebecca Black. Why do people keep trying to bring her back for 15 more seconds of fame? She cannot sing well! (I hope Piers buzzes her, that would be downright hilarious.)
She's doing a mash up of "Friday" and her new single "My Moment." Even without the autotune, Rebecca has a terrible voice. Even though her performance was only one minute, I was waiting for it to end. When will she just go away?

Third Act to Move On: Kevin Colis
Three for three, I am awesome. Even though I'm not a big fan of his voice (it's a bit too average).
Oh Em Gee, Howie!! He just told Kevin that he has tough competition, like Daniel JACOB Baker. Excuse me? Nobody gets my Future Best Friend's name wrong, even if it will be difficult for the average Kevin to compete with the fierce Daniel JOSEPH Baker. (I've mentioned him a lot tonight, I miss him.)

Up and Over is the next YouTube sensation to perform. Apparently they're hand and foot dancers, all while sitting, and it's pretty cool. Were these the two on that McDonald commercial?

Fourth Act to Move On (it's up to the judges now): Beth Ann Robinson
Four for four, suckers! I'm so awesome at guessing. Plus, that girl is mega talented, I wish I could dance well, but I still do it anyway.

Okay guys, here's the list of Wild Card Acts performing next week (must they draw this out so much?)
West Springfield Dance Team (Sharon just decided that, I'm sure)
Landon Swank "Swanky"
Kinetic King
Summerwind Skippers
Charles Peachock
Yellow Designs Stunt Team
J Chris Newberg
Those Funny Little People (why?!)
Seth Grabel
The Fiddleheads (yes! I love them because of the banjo)
Avery and the Calico Hearts

They're not bringing back Bieber's Twin Sister?! Weird...

Until next week!

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