Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some of the American Idols Released Music Videos

Naturally the winner and runner up released music videos for their singles. I get that, because their singles are popular I guess (I heard "I Love You This Big" on the radio the other day and asked for it to be turned off, please). Anywhoo, Scotty da Body, Flute Extraordinaire and Lauren Alaina with her Sister/Mom made some musical videos. Woo hoo. Then my personal favorite, Miss Perfect Pia has a video for her new single. Does anybody still like her?

Here's the videos...
Pia Toscano's "This Time"
So there's that... I'm not sure if she (or to be correct the person who wrote the song) understands correct grammar. "My bags is packed at the back of your door?" As a future English teacher, I'm disappointed. Not to mention: Pia has way too much hair (just get a hair cut already) and for most of this video she looks likes she's posing for a senior portrait.
Overall, terrible music video. Her voice sounded okay, but I think we all know how much I dislike her.

The Runner Up: Lauren Alaina's "Like My Sister/Mom Does" oops, I mean "Like My Mother Does"
There is so much to make fun of in this music video! Seriously, she made it way too easy. First: Lauren, do you think your orange skin color looks natural? Do you think your two-toned, new extension hair looks natural? (It doesn't.) I love how they have her standing in the kitchen and sitting on the couch. If that's what her Sister/Mom does, it shouldn't be hard to be like her. Oh, and she wants to bow her head and pray (I'm so glad my mom doesn't do that).
Does anyone else think they've given Miss Lauren way too much cleavage for a 16 year old? Because I sure do. I also loved that tear she added for POW when looking at a family photo album.
PS: Lauren's Sister/Mom was just glad she had a cameo.

Finally, the winner, Scotty McCreery's "I Love You This Big"
It was really tough for me, but I managed to push past the cheesy opening line "I know I'm still young" (the first time I tried to watch it, I turned it off right away). I also just love how Scotty wants to remind people that he loves Jesus a lot by wearing that cross necklace all the time. There were way too many close ups of his face, and it started to freak me out.
Look, I just want everybody to know something: Whatever American Idol producer that told Scotty to stop holding the microphone like a flute should be fired immediately (if not something more drastic). He is Scotty da Body, Flute Extraordinaire for a reason.
Before I go, I should mention just how much I dislike this video and the song. It was hard just to watch it.
PS: Does anybody else find it hard to believe that deep voice comes from him? When we saw Scotty in concert, I realized it's completely real, but on a video it seems fake.

Okay, there you go Idol fans. Enjoy.

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