Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project Runway: Unconventional Challenge Recap

Okay, so I'm going to start blogging about Project Runway. My mum and I are huge fans - it's about gay guys and clothes, can't get much better than that. Let's make it work (I love Tim Gunn)!

Today these fabulous designers will be making clothes out of supplies from a pet store. It's the "Unconventional Challenge." I can't wait to see someone make a dress out of dog poop bags.
So I don't really have a plan for how I'm going to recap this, I'm just going with the flow.

Designer Breakdown

Danielle (one of mum's favorites): She's using wee wee pads, too! And netting of some sort.
Overall Grade: B+

Fallene (one of my favorites): She's a creative, native Coloradan. Couldn't ask for me. She's using some plastic plants for this, and it looks so super rad.
Overall Grade: B

Anthony "Rockin' One": He is in the top 4 of both me and my mum. He's making a pattern out of birdseed for the whole dress. I just want him to pull this off.
Overall Grade: A+ (This guy is amazing, how did he do that?)
I never thought I'd say that I'd wear a dress made out of bird seed.
Bert: He's in mine and mum's top 4. The dress is looking rather ugly, but he's just lucky to have immunity (which he knows).
Overall Grade: D (I'm disappointed.)

Julie: Another one from Colorado, way to represent. She's weaving the paper of cat food bags, which should be interesting.
Overall Grade: C+

Anya: This is the girl who apparently didn't know how to sow. Then why are you on the show?
Overall Grade: B+

Bryce: He's another one of my favorites. He's using a bunch of wee wee pads (funny name), and so are a bunch of other people.
Overall Grade: C- (The skirt looks like a bunch of tissues.)

Kimberly: I didn't pay much attention to her, sorry. She used a lot of rope.
Overall Grade: B- (One side looked incomplete.)

Josh C.: This is the one who thinks he's straight, even though we all know he's not. His outfit is a little bit boring.
Overall Grade: C-

Viktor: Another one using wee wee pads! After dying them purple, he made them look surprisingly good. I'm impressed.
Overall Grade: B+

Cecilia: She's putting a bunch of aquarium rocks onto muslin.
Overall Grade: C

Olivier: So, he is from Ohio...his accent is fake! I am no longer a fan (not that I ever was). Also, his name must be really be Oliver, but he calls himself Olivier. Onto the outfit, he's made a skirt out of rabbit bedding, and had some put on the girl's eyebrows.
Overall Grade: D+
Rabbits can live in my eyebrows.
Becky: She's using a lot of plastic plants. Awesome. It's very colorful.
Overall Grade: C-

Laura Kathleen "Barbie": Oh my gosh this girl is kind of dumb. She didn't think of how transparent the dog cone collar would be. (This is almost as good as last week, "You speak foreign?") Oh, and it's way too short, how did she not think of that?? So now she's making a skirt of a cat scratch thing.
Overall Grade: C

Josh McKinley "Pretty Boy": My mom loves him, he's in her top 4. I think she's also jealous of how perfect his eyebrows and hair look. Anyway, he's going way over the top. He's using tons of dog toys to make these heels looks rad. Then he made a top out of aquarium rocks.
Overall Grade: A- (PS: He kind of reminds me of these two fabulous gay guys my mum and I met in Portland. It makes me like him more.)

Winner: Olivier/Oliver What?! His eyebrow thing was dumb, his accent is fake, and his dress wasn't that great.
Going Home: Josh C. I hope he goes home and finds a great man, er, woman (according to him, which is wrong).

Announcement: I think Anthony Ryan "Rockin' One" is going to win the whole thing. I usually say this the first episode, but I think this counts.

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