Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol 4/13 - Top 9 Recap

American Idol Time!!

Alright Sports Fans (or Idol Fans), it's time for another episode of performances. I've got my pizza, and I'm ready to rock!

Paul McDonald:
"Old Time Rock and Roll"
First of all, that suit was awesome. When we get married, I'll let him wear it. Haha.
Next, HE KILLED IT!!! Paul seriously rocked this song out, he did an amazing job. I loved his interaction with the audience, playing the tambourine, his quirky dance moves, and his amazing voice! Part of the song was kind of gospel-y, which I loved, it's very him. He had fun, and so did the audience and I. Oh gosh I love this performance.
Seriously, Paul, if you keep this up every week, you could win this. Wow I'm so impressed. And, yes, Paul definitely left a smile on my face.
The judges were equally impressed. I love that Randy said it was the first song of the Paul McDonald concert.
I saw JP in the audience! :D
And yes, Ryan, I do love sax with Paul... Haha.

Lauren Alaina:
"The Climb" by Miley Cyrus... Lauren could easily do better than Miley. Heck, I could. And I guarantee Lauren will get all of the supporters of Pia's ballads.
Wouldn't it be awkward for the audience to stare at Lauren's back at the beginning?
I already like this better than Miley's, her voice is much more smooth and interesting. I love the variety of notes that Lauren is hitting, it works pretty well for her. She did a very superb job tonight. Miley Who? This was definitely the right song for Lauren to sing. Nice job, darling.
My only issue is Lucy Lovelace's bump-it-ified hair, her extreme eye makeup, and huge earrings.
JLo: "You don't need to steal anybody's votes, you'll get enough of your own." How sweet of her to say that!

Oh, Lauren's sister/mom is there! Ryan Seacrest made my day, "Whoa! Look at the volume in mom's hair." Haha priceless.

Stefano Langone:
Stefano, Paul is the great performer. Seriously, give it up homes.
"End of the Road" by... Eddie Murphy?
Oh lord I hate his smirks. Lucas Lanes is so boyband material, and he should change his name to what I call him.
This is a boring performance. Stefano's voice is nothing special to me. I just want him to go home. No one ever gets on his case for always singing ballads, so I will. Stefano, please stop singing ballads. Your voice is kind of high pitched, and now all I think of is Perfect Pia.
Look, Stefano can hit the notes (except that last one), but it wasn't exciting to me. I'm yawning.
Randy, "Yo, yo, yo dog, brother, homie, me and my best friend Juan Juan (??) from Boyz To Men is gonna text me. I'm cool."
Stop singing ballads, Mister.
Ryan, "Girls?" Cue the preteen squeal...and you know who votes for Stefano.

Alfred E. Neuman aka Scotty McCreery:
"Cross My Heart"
Going BACK to his country roots?! When did he leave them? He should have stuck with the other song.
Is it just me, or is Scotty getting more annoying each week? There he is, smirk-singing into his flute-microphone.
Look, Scotty's voice is good and he's always consistent...but I think that's the problem. Plus I hate the way he says his "P"s.
That wasn't his best performance. I was slightly bored, it was just too slow. I actually preferred watching his (what I'm sure was) drug-induced performance last week.
Come on JLo!! Be honest, Scotty was a snorefest.

"Nature Boy"
Hmm... Jimmy seemed a little pissed at Casey's choice.
Ooh I love Casey's microphone and white bass.
Well, let's see, he has an interesting tone though, and I really liked it. Casey is an artist, as is P McD. They should collaborate!
Seriously though, Casey did a very good job tonight. The end was great, and you can feel Casey's love for this song. It was so interesting, and I really enjoyed this. Rock on, Cabrams! The save used on Casey was well worth it. Excelente, hombre.
Second "Moulin Rogue" relation? I've gained some respect for this guy. Yipee!

Haley Reinhart: (whoa, Haley looks better without her tan)
"Call Me" I think Haley could do well with this!
Haha my mom pointed out that she's dressed perfectly for this song, kind of like a hooker.
Anyway, onto the music. She didn't not live up to my expectations, I would say. No doubt, Haley did a good job, but it wasn't the best. In the clip beforehand, she sounded interesting. But, her performance wasn't great. I wish she would have stepped it up a bit.
Hmm, I also agree with Randy. And Jennifer. I don't want to see Haley go home.

Jacob Lusk:
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"
Jacob seems a little done with this competition. And his suit makes him look like he should be a preacher.
Look, I'm not a Jacob fan. He can hit the notes, but he annoys me. His facial expressions, and over dramatization of notes... It's VERY Broadway (not a bad thing), but not Idol.
"I know that there's a Higher Power that's there for me as well." Welp, I was right about the preacher thing. Hope that "higher power" or whatever gets you votes, man.
That's all.

James Durbin:
:o My second favorite! Gotta love Twitch.
"Heavy Metal"
Aww I love James! I love the passion he brings to his songs and choices. Seriously, he is awesome.
Holy frickin cow!! James brought all he had to the table and more. Excellent job, man! I love his versatility, his awesome voice, and his risk-taking.
Wowzers. In the words of Jennifer, he was "killing it dead." Wow Twitch did awesome! I'm so proud of him. He puts on a show every week. Love it.
That guitar guy was bizarre. But his guitar was awesome.

This night was great! Seriously, tonight was very good.
So, The Bottom Three:
Say goodbye to Stefano, America.

I've decided Paul was the best of the night. I loved everything about it. The saxophone, his wacky dancing, his AMAZING voice, and him having fun. Wow Paul is doing better and better every week (which is his tactic, I'm sure).

That's all! Good night America! I'm off to vote.

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