Tuesday, April 12, 2011

American Idol Top 9 Recap: From Pia Toscano to Paul McDonald

So, I'm a little late... But let's pretend I'm not. I'll really only be talking about Pia and P McD, and reminding you guys of the lovely nicknames I have given the Idols (and my family helped).

Bye, Bye Pia
So, as I'm sure most of America knows, the lovely (?) Pia Toscano was eliminated from American Idol last week. Was I surprised? Maybe a little bit, but there are some obvious reasons why she left:
a) She's kind of boring. She mostly sings ballads, and when she tries to add energy, she stand dances. That's the problem with performing in stripper heels (when that isn't part of your job). Did anyone see JLo try to get Pia to get into the song last week? I did.
b) She's unrelatable. Perfect Pia's perfect, glossy hair and perfect skin in the perfect shade of orange isn't necessariy relatable to voters. Would you want to have lunch with Pia? Me neither, she's a little too perfect, like Celine Dion.
and, c) She's not a cute boy. Let's just be honest, the only reason Stefano is still around is because girls think he's super cute (that doesn't include me). And quite frankly, that's not good at all. If girls vote based on looks and not talent, then we'll end up with Stefano as a winner! Pia, I'm sorry that you aren't a cute boy, that might have been your biggest downfall on the show.

P McD Rocks
Doesn't he? Hells yeah! Last week was seriously awesome. He rocked out "Folsom Prison Blues" and just did amazing. I love when he was playing the guitar then went over to that other guitar dude and started doing his crazy little dance while playing. It was quite cute and showed how he gets into the music.
The studio version was amazing. I love when his voice does that cracky, raspy thing. In the song, when he sings "Well I knew I had it coming," my heart melts. Seriously, Paul's voice sounds awesome there. I love his quirkines and uniqueness, Paul really is an artist. It's unfathomable to me that anyone COULDN'T like Paul (even though I do know friends who don't like them, we no longer speak).
Speaking of Paul! Go buy this song from his awesome band. The money goes to help Japan, and it's a great song.

Refresher: Idol Nicknames

Jacob Lusk = Baby Huey
My mom came up with this one. He looks like this big duck cartoon, apparently. It just makes me laugh.

Stefano Langone =Lucas Lanes
We call him this because he looks like an adult version of my brother's friend, who we call Lucas Lanes. It might not make sense to outsiders, but that's kind of how he's known here.

Lauren Alaina = Lucy Lovelace
My dad called her this once on accident, and I loved it! Haha so that's her new nickname. She's also Steven's Pet.

Scotty McCreery = Alfred E. Nueman
He looks JUST like the cartoon character on the cover of MAD magazine. Take a gander.
Yeah, that's Scotty. Or this is... (Anyone think he holds the microphone like he's playing a flute?)

Paul McDonald = P McD or My Future Fiancè
Self-explanatory. Paul is awesome. Here's a picture for you guys (you're welcome):
Love it!! :D

James Durbin = Twitch
Please be clear, this is a term of endearment. I love Durbin, he is awesome. And his tourettes are awesome (well, maybe not in his opinion). Check it.
Well, I can't find the pic I was looking for, so here's one of my Twitch and P McD (my two favorites).

Casey Abrams = Cabrams
I just really enjoy saying this. It's how his Twitter URL or whatever thing is, so I picked it up. Cabrams. It just sounds cool.

Haley Reinhart = ???
We don't really have a nickname for Haley. I tried Mariah Barbie for awhile, but that was stupid. Anyone have any ideas? (I love how I'm talking like I have multiple readers haha.)

Alright, America, there's my mini-ish recap. Enjoy, and come back tomorrow for more!

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