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American Idol 4/20 Recap: The Top 7

American Idol time!

I'm so glad to see Paul. I was afraid I'd have to go a Wednesday without seeing him. He didn't sound great, but he looked great. Him and those girls could start a band, P McD and The Spice Girls 2.0.

Scotty McCreery:
First of all, I LOVED the whole beginning montage. The other Idols also think it looks like he's holding a flute. Haley made me laugh.
"Scotty is doing what he does, because that's what he does." Gee, thanks Jimmy.
Onto the singing, it wasn't great. It was almost...not right for his voice. His voice was a little too slow for the beat of the song. Not to mention Scotty doesn't really have stage presence or the ability to move around the stage and stuff. Scotty is usually always consistent, but this week wasn't great. This song didn't really work with his voice, it almost overpowered it.
I very much agreed with JLo and Randy. It wasn't Scotty's best week, and he was in fact boring. Sorry Alfred E. Neuman, but you might have lost some votes (not to mention you were in the Death Spot).

Casey, I hate the scarfs too. It looks like he's pooping it out. Haha.
Ooh I love this song by Muse! It's an excellent choice for him. I'm excited.
Wowsers, James is awesome. He really knows how to put on a show, and I can't wait to see him in concert. That song was practically made for him, arguably the best of his performances so far. His voice sounded great, and his intensity was great. (Oh James, yay!) I loved his transitions between the crazy high notes and then back to normal. That was very, very good and epitomized his talent.
The best part is that he's confident, but seems like a really cool guy. Especially since James hung out with Paul, it's upped his cred. He's my new pick to win.
I definitely agree with Jennifer and Randy, it will probably be the best of the night. And, yeah Steven, he's going in a T-Rex direction... Whatever the hell that means.

Haley Reinhart:
"An Adele Song"
Haha all the growling and the arm thing. I love James' comment, that made me laugh. By the way, it doesn't seem like the other contestants like Haley too much. Interesting.
Singing time. I definitely think Haley has found her niche. Oh my gosh I just remembered that I said I could see her as an Adele type! I am so good (seriously, I'm impressed with myself). You're welcome, Haley.
This song was great. The beginning was a little rough, but when it picked up, she did amazing. Her voice was perfect for this song, and I really liked the beat of it for her. Haley did a solid job, and I would definitely consider buying her Idol record for this one. You proved yourself, dear!
Good input from the judges, this time. She needs to establish herself apart from the artists she sings.

Jacob Lusk:
"Dance With My Father"
However could the deceased Luther look down on Jacob?
Hahaha he's the biggest diva!! Love it. I'm really digging these Idol montage opinion things (although I do wish they did this last week to see how much the others loved Paul).
Singing. Jacob is very off at the beginning, weird. This song is about praying?! Shocker! I don't know, I think this might have been Jacob's worst. But I'm feeling snarky right now. He bothers me.
Steven, who kissed you with that red lipstick? Ew. JLo says emotionally it was a great performance (so not vocally?). Randy says *if* you're here next week. Oh snap.
We miss the old Jacob who made it into the Top 24. He was so energetic and joyful, and he lost it. So sad.

I liked Ryan talking to Mark Ballas. We all know Pia was your favorite.

"Hard To Breathe"
I love everyone wearing beards. I liked Casey wearing the beard and making fun of himself. This season of Idols is the best, they're all great (and frickin hilarious).
Holy cow Casey KILLED it. That was mind-bogglingly amazing. The beginning was awesome, with the almost spoken lyrics. Then he got really into it and sang amazing (plus his walking around the stage was hilarious to watch). He made this song very rock, and very Casey, it suited him perfectly. And when he scatted the harmonies of the guitar, I realized that's what I do whenever I listen to music. The best part? When he got all quiet and up in JLo's face and kissed her cheek. Priceless! Haha. He has so much fun up there. I have a renewed reason to watch American Idol!
Whoa Steven, there are children in the audience!
Oh my God...Ryan looks like an Amish Leprechaun. I am willing to bet $1 million that clip will be on The Soup.

Lucas Lanes:
"Closer" (this song annoys me enough as it is, great)
Lauren says he tries to be a lady's man. Hilarious. He's flirt with a piece of paper if he found out there was any estrogen in it. Jacob, funniest thing you've ever said.
"He looks like he could be a tool," says my mom. "Or if he could be on Jersey Shore," says my dad. That explains why I dislike him.
Okay, so first of all, why did Stefano decide to pick a song where he sings only 30% of the time? That was stupid. The beginning was terribly cheesy, that weird dance move was lame and creepy (remember to tone your flirtiness down). So after the beginning where he sang a verse, he danced around a lot and sang "Ohhh, yeah, ooooh." .... He should try to revive the boyband thing.
The judges...liked him? I thought this was about singing, not a lack thereof. I hope he goes home.

Lauren Alaina:
"Born to Fly"
Hahaha I love James and Casey making fun of her accent. And Scotty making fun of her talking a lot (who knew this guy was funny?).
Well...this wasn't Lauren's best song choice. It doesn't accurately showcase her talent and range. It's a little too hicky (in the words of my mom) for her. She could have picked other songs. Lauren should have done a Lady Antebellum song. Eh, I'm a tad disappointed. I was rooting for her since she was close with Paul.
On the upside, her outfit was very cute. But her tan was too orange. Again.
So, judges, this is supposed to be The Pimp Spot, and ya'll aren't doing that. But I definitely agree with JLo and Randy (not Steven, because I only understand what he says about 7% of the time).
I wish they had shown her sister/mom more! She's so fun and easy to mock.

So, worsters:

That may or may not be my Bottom 3 for tomorrow.


They did really good tonight. My favorites were in that order. They were quite excellent!

Alright, America, time to rewatch my favorites (and some old Paul videos, I need my fix).

PS: Um... Steven?? "God says all men are created equal, but some are more equal than others." Then Randy says, "Yeah, that's me and Casey, right there." Do these two even know what that means??That's from George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and one of the pigs says, "All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others." It was meant to degrade the other animals and used as an excuse to treat them terribly (like in the Soviet Union). So, not only was this not at all a compliment, it was a little rude to the other contestants, as well. Steven Tyler should have kept that tape over his mouth.

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