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American Idol Recap: The Top 6 Tackle Carole King

Alright, Idolers. It's time, once again, for Wednesday Night American Idol. Who will succeed? Who will fail? And who will be mediocre? We're about to find out as the Top 6 take on the songs of Carole King (who, again?). THIS, is American Idol.
*cue the music*

(By the way, sorry I've been MIA lately, to the reader I have. School seems to get in the way.)

"Some Song"
First of all, who dressed him? He looks like he belongs with Kurt in Glee (but I love Kurt).
Look, we all know how much I dislike Jacob. That song kind of worked for Jacob's voice. He seems much more joyous this week, but I can't get on board with him. But his facial expressions and dance moves have gotten even weirder. I agree with Jimmy, Jacob might be the most in jeopardy this week. People may or may not be over Jacob like we are at my hizz-ouse.
The judges seemed to enjoy him, they always do. I hope he goes home.

By the way, the wounds of missing Paul still feel fresh. I miss seeing him every week!

Lucy Lovelace (Lauren):
"When You Leave"
Guess what? Lauren met Miley Cyrus! Guess what else? She was annoying and rude.
"I still don't think they put big enough earrings on her," says my mom. True that.
I think Lauren's voice sounds great with this song. I really like her, she's young and fresh and not yet too annoying. She made this song work for her voice and style, and she definitely pulled it off. I enjoyed her high notes, she could really hit them, and the one at the end was great. The only thing I didn't like was that guy she pulled from the audience (totally a random dude, right now?). Weird.
JLo, "She's pushing." Yes, she is, and she did well. Brava. My dad seems to agree with Randy, that it was a safe choice for Lucy Lovelace.
I like seeing her cry. It shows she's genuine.
I hope Lauren's sister/mom is a God-fearing Republican.

Casey and Haley:
"I Feel the Earth Move"
Casey and Haley are so dating. He says he likes growling with her. That's a huge hint.
I love these two people together, they make beautiful music (and maybe, one day, growly babies?) together. They mesh together with their stage presence and voices. Casey's scatting with Haley's range is awesome. Wow that was superb. They should always sing together. Weird Beard and The Growl Girl. I'm so good at deciding what the Idols should do.

Scotty Da Body: Thanks, Ryan for that new nickname.
"You Got A Friend"
I can't wait to watch his smirk-singing into his flute-phone (hybrid of flutr e and microphone). My mom and I are trying to learn his technique.
First of all, I like the random stairs he's sitting on. How did they get there? Well, Scotty followed Babyface's advice on starting softer. I'm sure tons of girls' hearts with that. It started really well, I can appreciate the soft side of his voice. But then the drugs (I'm conviced) kicked in and he started doing his weird, over excited notes. Where he ends the words and phrases like it's a question, on an up note (technical term). After the beginning, I did not like it. It was weird. The worst part? Scotty's cheese-wiz expression before he sang the last few words. Come on, dude! Super cheesy.
I agree with Randy about the beginning being great. "Randy looks like a grown up Carlton from Fresh Prince," says my Padre. Haha! How true. With the emblazoned cardigan and stupid tie, one could easily be confused.

"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"
I'm a little disappointed that James won't be bringing an elephant on stage. He needs to step up the antics of his performances. I'm pumped already.
Okay, come on. His voice is UH-mazing. James can sing so beautifully a capella. That is amazing. Then the song kicks in, and with the guitar playing and everything, Twitch's voice sounds great for this song. His range is amazing and his talent is mind boggling. The rock part of this song was equally as amazing as the beginning. I'm impressed with this man every week. James is one of the most talented left in the competition, and he should win. Love this guy! Love it.
"Star of the night with that one," says Miss Jennifer. I couldn't agree more. And I'm pretty sure both her and Randy implied he could win, and I'm also pretty sure Steven implied that he wants to make out with James (did anyone else assume that?).

Lucy Lovelace and Scotty da Body:
That was an awkward exchange that Ryan forced. Sheesh.
"Up On the Roof"
I hope Lauren holds her microphone like a flute too.
I think that these two sound really good together. I prefer Lauren's voice over Scotty's (he puts emphasis on words in a strange way), but their voices mesh well. Unfortunately, this song is super boring. Lauren's voice is the only thing that livened this otherwise snorefest up because she has character to her voice.
"You sang yout brains off." Haha nice, Jenny Fromdabloc (I stole that from American Dad who stole that from Jennifer).

Umm...whose little girl is sitting on Steven Tyler's lap?

"I Don't Know What This Is Called"
I'm excited already for this jam fest.
Ooh it's bluesy, fun. Casey belongs in the 50s (that's the time of blues, right?). I love this man's voice and stage presence. The scratchiness in his voice and his scatting-ness are just awesome. Casey has a character in his voice that his hard to find. Plus, his style is perfect with Mindi Abair (or something) on the sax. The bluesy jazz works so well for Casey. I thought he did well. But let me just say, last week was the best.
"It reminds me of New Orleans, my home state," Randy says. Really? Your home state? New Orleans is a city, derr (speaking of which, go buy the song on

Um...what kind of bird nested in Haley's head from the clip before her singing?
I think Haley needs to stop wearing short dresses. So, Miss Haley got the pimp spot... The sound on this song is a little weird, her voice isn't nearly loud enough. Which makes it a little hard for me to judge. But of what I can hear, I think this song kind of works for Haley. I love her growling, bluesy voice, and this uptempo beat worked for her. I couldn't hear her voice too well though. The end was the best, she pulled it all together. But eh, I wish I could have heard it. My Padre says she should do a Christina Aguilera song.
So, Steven heard God in Haley's voice. I'm not sure how, but I'm guessing it has something to do with drugs.

Twitch and Jacob:
We're just as shocked about this combo as they are. If PMcD were still here, him and James would kill any song.
Well, first of all they're wearing matching outifts. Lame-o. Then, Jacob's voice isn't nearly as good as Durbin's voice. Next, Durbin overpowered Jacob by a ton. It wasn't great, just an awkward duet. They're going to church with that song. Welp, alrighty then.

Pretty good night. Nothing great, only one wasn't good at all (I'm looking at you, Scotty).
My prediction? Jacob goes home. I know, I've said this every week since I began blogging, but I'm really just hanging onto this desperate hope for him to just GO.

Good night, America!

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  1. umm this is funny. "I'm a little disappointed that James won't be bringing an elephant on stage."

    i love it. I do miss P Mac, but I adore Casey... he's filling the void.

    and those matching outfits on those last two were the most ridiculous things I've ever seen