Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol Recap: The Top 6 Become 5

Which Idol will fall tonight? Tune in to find out the failure of the Top 6!

My Bottom Three:
Jacob - X (please!!)

Mom's Bottom Three:
Turtle (Jacob) - X
Alfred (Scotty)

Dad's Bottom Three:
Casey - X

Fans will be diappointed? Maybe my dad is right... Or maybe Scotty will go home. We shall see.

I really like the British clip. I like seeing people failing at doing fake British accents. (I'm quite excellent at it.)

Wow that group song was the cream of cheesey crop. Seriously, NO ONE sounded good. That was just...terrible.
My brother pointed out that Lauren was wearing a blinged out Ring Pop. Wow.

Crystal Bowersox. The only things I remembered about her? Her huge sunflower tattoo, her dreadlocks, and her teeth (which she evidently fixed, yay).

Casey - Who the eff is Oscar Peterson? My mom pointed out that what he said flew over everyone's heads.
Lauren - Aww I heard about the tornadoes, and your answer was super sweet (and I got to see your sister/mom).
Scotty the Body - You worked at a grocery store and a tanning salon...? You should have been funnier (maybe you played the flute).
Twitch - Yeah for pre-Idol bands! And double-yeah for mentioning Paul! I miss that man...
I liked Ryan's joke on Taylor Hicks. But he made his comeback on Jimmy Fallon.

First of all, her outfit is bizarre. And a little trashy. But her necklace is cool.
Haha I love Jimmy's comment about Steven's remark (he must not believe in God). Haley's voice is good, but I've been saying this whole time she doesn't quite know who she is.
She's safe! Looks like my guess was wrong.

Scotty da Body - Flute Player Extraordinare
Look, Jimmy, you're wrong. Scotty is not subtle, he just didn't do well last night.
Hang tight? What the eff, Ryan? He gets off on making these Idols almost pee their pants.

Seeing that last night was relatively boring, Lauren was pretty good last night. I was impressed (but that dude was a stupid prop). Jimmy says she's here for the long run. Amen, brother.
Lauren is a lot taller than Peaches (I wanted to bring her nickname for Ryan back).
Ryan, stop this suspense.

I think my parents may be right about his Bottom 3 fate. But he did make Steven's scalp itch (?)... "Casey needs to realize that the family dog does not vote on this show," says Jimmy. Haha that's hilarious. But I enjoy his growls.
And shocker, Casey has to wait. Yargh.

My parents just remarked that he better not get voted off. I've already cried during this show, and I don't want to see my parents cry.
Jimmy didn't think was believable? Are you high, sir? But he did say he has no doubt that James could win this thing (whoa!!).
Twitch McGee is safe.

Carlton Turtle Jacob McSingyPants
Yeah, that's an all-encompassing nickname. Jacob is on banana peel status, according to Jimmy (what does that even mean?).

So, now it's Jacob, Cabrams, Lauren, and Scotty da Body.
My parents NAILED the bottom three. My dad seems very proud of himself right now. Poor Jacob can't handle being in the bottom 3. Get over it, Mister! It's part of this competition.

So now it's an intense rivalry between my parents:
My mom says Jacob is outta here.
My dad says Cabrams is leaving us tonight.
(I know I'm already kicked out, but I'm saying Scotty just to throw a wrench in there.)
Who will win? Who will lose? Who will cry? We'll find out soon!

Bruno Mars, "Lazy Song." The best part? That cute golden retriever on the couch. I like Bruno's voice, but not his music. He's singing about masturbating in his Snuggie (unless I'm misunderstanding his lyrics)? And why did they have to block out the word sex? Let's get real American guys left behind the family friend image after recruiting the unpredictable Steven Tyler as a judge.

Final Judgment (not the Jesus kind)
I'm nervous
Jacob is safe??? Whoa. Mom is knocked out of the race.
Who will it be?? Ahh!
Cabrams is leaving??? This is terrible! And why isn't Haley bawling her eyes out? We all know they're going to make growly babies together.
How disappointing... There is now only one reason left to watch this damn show (Twitch best win this thing!).
Casey on the counter was funny. I'll miss this guy. But hey, he's had so much fun and done a great job. And he's kissed plenty of girls in the audience and on the show.

Nice job, Mr. Cabrams! You went out with a bang, and he told Haley that she's his. The big conference tomorrow will be good.
Until then, blogosphere!

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