Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol 4/21 Recap: 7 Becomes 6

Alrighty, folks, it's time once again to see another singer's dreams get crushed. Enjoy it while you can.

My Bottom 3:

Going home: Jacob

Mom's Bottom 3:

Going Home: Jacob

Dad's Bottom 3:
Lucy Lovelace (Lauren)

Going home: Jacob

Let's hit it.
"Hey, Soul Sister"
So cheesy and karaoke. My mom says, "This is what gives Idol a bad name." Which is very true.
This didn't sound very good to me. And Lauren looked a little trashy. I think she stole that boobalicious shirt from her sister/mom (I kind of miss seeing her).

"Viva La Vida"
This sounds better than the other one at the beginning. But the chorus wasn't great. Although I do love the chemistry Scotty, James, and Casey have on stage. Otherwise, this was bad. (James should've just sang it alone or something.)
On the upside, I now know some of what is said in that song. I don't have to mutter giberish when singing along. Huzzah.

What a cool painting someone sent Casey. Although the dog was kind of a weird touch... (I wish Paul would have shown the pig I sent him. Yarg.)

Casey and Jacob
Casey is safe. Yipee! Gotta love him. Jacob is in the Bottom 3, looks like me and my parents are 1 of 3.

David Cook! I'm excited. During Season 7, my (psychic) father saw David sing once, and said, "He's gonna win." Then he did.
I'm a little disappointed with his song. It was a little too poppy for me. The beat was just not rock enough for David Cook, and it didn't showcase his voice. I'm a little disappointed. But he's so darn cute! And all the guitars were very cool looking.

I love clips of the Idols doing normal stuff. Fun, fun.

Lauren, James, Stefano
"It wouldn't be a Thursday without Lucas Lanes in the Bottom Three," says my mom. So true, so true. Haha. We shall see if this pattern stays.
And it does! Stefano is in the Bottom 3, keeping the tradition alive.
Lauren and Twitch are safe. Me and my mom are 2 for 3, Dad is 1 for 3.

Haley and Scotty
Scotty is safe?? This doesn't make sense at all (well, it does, think who is voting). Haley was so much better than Scotty was. He really should have been in the bottom.
Although she was told she was safe very quickly.

Katy Perry is awesome (her and Zooey Deschanel are my celebrity girl-crushes). She knows how to put on a show, even though I don't like this song. She has the same stage-presence and such as Lady Gaga. But Katy Perry actually has a pretty voice.
Kanye?? "I wonder if PETA is outside," says my mom. Haha that fur looks very real.

Alright, America, it's the moment of truth. It's about to get real, yo.
My mom says Stefano has a "tool swag." How very true. His cockiness and lady's man-ness is annoying, part of his tool swag. And Jacob...oh, Jacob. Good bye, Mr. Diva.
Oh, oh gosh. Looks like we were all wrong. It's Mr. Tool Bag's time to go. I'm going to miss him...if only because I really like the nickname my mom just gave him.
The worst part? Poor James has seen his two best friends on the show go home two weeks in a row. I feel bad for Twitch (maybe even moreso than Stefano). I loved that James just tackled Stefano at the end of the song. How cute.

Well, good bye, Mr. Tool Bag (it'll be my last and near first time calling him this). It's about time you left. Good luck with...stuff. Hopefully you form that boy band I've been pushing for awhile. You can call it Tool Bags, Unite! I dig it. Good bye, sir.

Toodle-oo, America!

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