Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventures: Mumford & Sons Concert

As promised, I'm back with the recap of the Mumford & Sons concert/sermon. It was truly magical, people. Truly.

Let's start with some of the crazy stories. My mom nearly passed out when the first opener performed and had to be taken to the ambulance. It was pretty intense (but she's okay now).
So (to understand the next part), my mom and I were about 4 people away from the stage (behind the gate) when we entered The Fillmore. Then, a bunch of people kept trying to cut in front of us, and I was getting super annoyed. My semi mean-ness caused a few people to leave (thankfully). Then, there was this one larger girl in front of me who kept dancing (even during the slower songs)! I kept trying to put my hands up to keep her away from me, when she flipped. She turned around and yelled, "Lay off!" She was frickin' nuts. She and my mom almost got into a fight, it was crazy (but they didn't).

Now onto the music part!
There were two, awesome opening bands. Matthew and the Atlas (British) and Nathaniel Ratecliff (from Denver, according to the cute guy next to us). These bands were pretty great, so you should definitely check them out.
Marcus Mumford even busted out a ukulele to join Nathaniel onstage! It was rad.

Then, Mumford & His Sons took the stage. They opened with "Sigh No More," to a ridiculously large, screaming crowd.
Then they moved on to my personal favorite, "Roll Away Your Stone." (This was also the time the people next to me start smoking pot. It smelled so disgusting, so no one has to worry about me doing drugs.)
I won't do the whole set list in order (mostly because I forgot, it might be because of that second hand marijuana smoke), but they did perform every song on the album, except for "I Gave You All" and "After the Storm." Also, they performed about 6 new songs. One was finished 3-4 days ago, and one was finished the day before. All of the new songs were beautiful (and it makes me super excited for their next album).
My FAVORITE performance of the night was "Sister." Somehow, Mumford & Sons got everyone in the Fillmore to stay silent (at least for a time) while they sang an unplugged version of this song. I wanted to cry, that's how amazing it was. The video is below.

For the encore, they said, "Denver, would we be testing your patience if we played another new song?" We all cheered, so they played us another new song. Then, they performed a great rendition of "The Cave" for the final encore. It was amazing.

Also, before some videos from the night, I should add that I realized I find Country Winston super attractive. Despite the beard, semi-mullet, and wife beater t-shirt, his banjo playing was super attractive.
And he's funny! Marcus said, "Usually we have a few jokes, but not much tonight. We're just so f***ing funny!" Then Country Winston told us a joke, "Why is it rubbish being an egg? Because you only get smashed once, laid once, and the only person that sits on your face is your mother." Too funny. Then Marcus said, "We need new jokes." Hilarious.
Then, before the performance of "Sister," Marus and Winston told us to be quiet. Winston said that if someone talks to thump them, silently. How amusing.

Anywhoo, here are some of last night's performances (taken by the lovely concert-goers).

(I wish I was this close, but I was kind of this close. I was in general admission, about 7 people away from the stage, to the side. It was amazing.)

"The Cave"
 (This was the final encore. Beautiful.)

"Little Lion Man"
(sorry that most of the rest of these aren't the best quality)

"Below My Feet"
(New song, my favorite. Again, sorry about the quality.)

"Hopeless Wanderer"
(new song)

"Sigh No More"
(opening song, not the best quality, again sorry)

The moral of this blog post is: if you ever get the chance to see Mumford & His Sons in concert, do it! My mom and I bought tickets on Monday (for three times the price...), and it was so worth it.
They're recording a new album, to be, in the words of Marcus Mumford, "a real band, we want to be real boys!!" Oh, Marcus.

I think I'm love with him...and Country Winston (I clearly have a type, a musician with a beard).


PS: Pictures coming tomorrow. There might be daily posts of Mumford coming your way for the next few days (or possibly weeks).

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