Sunday, June 12, 2011

Movie Review: Super 8

Here we go, folks, another edition of my movie reviews. Are you excited? Because I sure am.

Today my dear friend, Laura Mora, and I went to go see Super 8 (she was reluctant, but I said I saw some good comments online and such), and, well...I wasn't too pleased.
So there's the movie poster. "Who's in it?" you might be asking yourself. Well let me help you out. First, we have Elle Fanning (who I think is very annoying) as this one kid's love interest. That one kid is played by Joel Courtney (who?) and his hilarious friend is played by Riley Griffiths (again, who?). In the movie, Courtney's dad is played by that actor I recognize but didn't know his name or where I knew him from. His real name is Kyle Chandler, which still doesn't help me.

Onto the movie.
When you hear the names JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg together in movie credits, you would assume it's going to be AMAZING, no? Well, no. It wasn't. I think these two guys are amazing and all, but this movie was a let down (although it was ten times better than Cloverfield which made my dad feel dizzy and leave the theatre).
Quick summary: These kids are filming a movie, and then a train crashes. The army comes in to investigate because a bunch of crazy things happen in the town and everyone freaks out. Except for these magnificent kids who just want to understand what's happening. And, as it always in Abrams' movies, there is a creature (look, this isn't meant to be a spoiler, all of Abrams' movies have a weird creature who wreaks havoc).

In my opinion, this movie gets a C+. Yep. Sorry folks, but I just wasn't a huge fan.
The beginning was cool, when they started filming the movie and all that, but then it just got out of hand. For example, I hate it when, in movies, someone is supposed to have died from something, and it seems like they did, then all of the sudden they're alive. What the hell? That doesn't ever happen (if you see the movie, you'll know exactly what I mean). Then, Fanning and Courtney's characters fall in love, even though they're about 10 years old or something (in the words of Laura Mora, "The next day, the boy is going to say, 'Oh, I don't like girls anymore, I like....bugs now'"), which made the romance aspect of this film laughable to me. The other laughable part was the allegory within the movie and the symbol that the creature represented. It was way too obvious and very cheesy. Then, when all these other crazy shenanigans happened, I really started to get annoyed. Then, of course, the young boy who was the lead in the movie saved the day. Yipee! The ending was really corny, and for me, that makes or breaks a movie. And in this case, it broke the movie. The best part of the movie was the credits (wait for it) because they showed the film that the kids ended up making, and it was hilarious. Just great. I would have paid $8.50 to see that short film rather than see Super 8 again.

So there you have it. I was not a fan. Watch it at your own risk, but it wasn't that great of a movie.
I wish I had seen Beginners instead...

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