Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Music: The Quirky Bands

As I've tried to make fully obvious, I am a huge, giant, mega fan of Mumford & Sons and The Grand Magnolias. These bands are amazing (but, no offense to my Future Fiance, Paul McDonald, Mumford & Sons have a slight edge right now), and their music moves me.
Mumford & Sons eloquently combine beautiful and emotional lyrics with a banjo and array of instruments, and Marcus Mumford's stunning voice. The Grand Magnolias have Paul McDonald who writes his own lyrics and music, and you can just feel the emotion in his voice.

Seeing how much I love these bands, it was only fitting to find new bands like them. I did some searching into deep, personal records (otherwise known as Wikipedia) and found other bands that my favorites have done past work or collaboration with.
Here they are.

Coming from Mumford & Sons...
Noah & The Whale
Wikipedia shared with me that Mumford & Sons have done some work with this fellow, quirky, British band, and I just had to check them out. Warning: Their lyrics aren't nearly as emotional as Mum's, and their music may not move as much as Mum's moves me. But their music is fun and folksy, and you just may dig it.
Here is one of their songs, called "5 Years Time."
So there is no official music video (sorry, guys), but I think this song is so fun and it makes me happy. Noah & The Whale is one to watch! They just may become popular in time (probably due to links with Mumford & Sons), and you can say "I knew them when...Rachel introduced them to me." You're welcome, in advance.
Other Noah & The Whale songs to check out:
"Rocks and Daggers," "Life is Life"

Coming from The Grand Magnolias...
The Dirty Guv'nahs
Their name is cool enough as it is. But seriously, this band is pretty rad. If you love Paul McDonald and The Grand Magnolias, you will definitely appreciate these guys. Their voice is unique (and somewhat reminds me of Kings of Leon) and their lyrics are meaningful, just like their buddy band (The Grand Mags). I will definitely be buying some of their music on iTunes (when I have money).
Here is one of their songs, "We'll Be the Light."
Pretty good, eh? I'm definitely digging this band right now. Also, there is a video on The Grand Magnolias' video stream (or whatever the YouTube lingo is) of these two bands playing together. Would you like to see it? Alrighty then!
Well...they're on stage together, or something (that wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be). So check them out!
Other The Dirty Guv'nahs songs to look up:
"Blue Rose Stroll," "Oh Jericho"

Enjoy this new helping of music!

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