Monday, June 6, 2011

New Summer Movies

I am obsessed with movies. If I could, I would live at the movie theater, but it's too expensive (I wouldn't want to spend $5 on a bottle of water everyday). So instead of moving in, here are some new movies coming out soon that you need to see.

Horrible Bosses
This movie looks so funny, I am practically counting down the days until it comes out. It stars Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, and Jason Bateman as three guys who have terrible bosses (played by Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston, and Kevin Spacey, respectively). These poor guys have had enough with their horrible bosses (hence the title) and decide to do something about it. They hire a hit man, Jamie Foxx, to help them murder their bosses. To me, this seems like a rational decision. Check it out.
You may recognize Charlie Day from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (another funny show you should check out), and you know where everyone else is from. Jason Bateman was hilarious in "Arrested Development," and this movie looks like it will meet my Bateman Standards.
Check this out in theatres on July 8th.

Captain America: The First Avenger
If you're like me, then you love superhero movies. If you're not like me, then you hate them (I'm sorry if you hate them). Whether or not we have this difference, you must check out this trailer. This movie looks beyond epic (and patriotic), and I can't even adequately explain my excitement for this movie. It stars Chris Evans as Captain American himself (you may recognize him from "The Fantastic Four"), and Stanley Tucci as Abraham Erskine, a.k.a. the guy who transforms the puny Steve Rogers into the smokin' hot and superheroic Captain America. Check it out!
Join me on July 22nd (or July 21st at midnight) to see the premiere.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.
This movie stars Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling (hot!), and Emma Stone. Need I say more? Pretty much, Moore and Carell's marriage is falling apart, so Carell turns to Gosling (a lady's man) to get his wife back. In the process, Gosling falls in love with Stone. Also, Kevin Bacon and Marisa Tomei star in this film (can you ask for a better cast? I think not). Hilarity and romance ensues! Take a gander.
This looks so charming and hilarious! I love Emma Stone at the end, "Seriously! It's like you're photoshopped!" (I love Emma Stone, she was great in "Easy A.")
This film hits theatres July 29th.

Our Idiot Brother
This movie stars my favorite Zooey Deschanel (I'm sure you've caught onto that by now), as well as Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer, and Rashida Jones (from "Parks and Recreation," great show). Pretty much, this movie is about Rudd, who is an idiot (to put it lightly). He is arrested for marijuana possession, and upon his release, his family debates what to do with him. Despite his good intentions, he always seems to screw up. Another heartwarming comedy. Check it!
Looks great. I'll be there to see it, and you should too! Coming to a theatre near you on August 26th.

Last but not least, Beginners
If you love Ewan McGregor and quirky, feel-good movies, I have a feeling this is the movie for you. Quick plot summary (from IMDB):
Oliver (McGregor), a graphic designer, meets the irreverent and unpredictable Anna just months after his father Hal has passed away. This new love floods Oliver with memories of Hal, who came out of the closet at age 75 shortly after his wife of 44 years died, and began living a wonderful gay life. But when Hal is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Oliver and Hal become closer than they’d ever been able to be. Now Oliver endeavors to love Anna with all the bravery, humor, and hope that his father taught him.
Sounds great, doesn't it? I've loved Ewan McGregor since "Moulin Rouge," and I will gladly watch any film of his. This quirky movie looks touching but funny (which in my mind is the perfect mix). Here's a trailer.
It looks delightful (I also love the conversation between McGregor and the dog. Classic).
This hits theatres June 3rd!

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