Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Names of the Week: Beatles' Songs Edition

Today I am celebrating another wonderful band, The Beatles. I'm honoring them with posting about names from their songs. Exciting, no?

Before I get started, would you like to know a fun fact concerning the Beatles and my life? Good! So, growing up in New Jersey my dad knew this family, the Shevell's. Years later (actually before marrying Linda, according to my father), Nancy Shevell starting dating Paul. Then they broke up and yadda yadda, Linda and Heather, etc. Then, in 2007, Nancy and Paul started dating again. And now they're getting married soon! I was all excited and told my dad, "Now we kind of have a connection to The Beatles." Then my dad burst my bubble and said, "Yeah. But we won't be invited to the wedding." So that's my Beatles story.

Origin: English, female variant of Lucius
Meaning: "light"
Use and History: This song is, of course, from The Beatles' song, "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds." It was also used in the movie "Across the Universe" as the name of the female lead (a movie based on songs from The Beatles, it was really good, check it out). That's all I got.
Why You Should Use It: This name is classic and chic, and fits right in with the new trend of "old names that are making a comeback." Not only does Lucy work perfectly on a little girl, it will fit them throughout all stages of life (which is a definite plus).
Why You Might Not Want to Use It: As I'm sure everyone knows, The Beatles song is about the drug LSD, and people might make that leap at some point in a Lucy's life. This is a small worry, though, and shouldn't be too important in a decision about using it. Also, Lucy recently jumped about 40 spots in America's most popular names, and landed back in the Top 100 names (at number 74) for the first time in many years.


Origin: Latin, diminutive of Judah
Meaning: "praise"
Use and History: This name is well known for being used in the popular Beatles song, "Hey Jude." Fun fact: This song was written by Paul McCartney for John Lennon's son, Julian, to comfort him when Lennon and his wife were going through a divorce. It was originally going to be called "Hey Jules" (which is a nickname for Julian), but it was changed to Jude.
As with Lucy, Jude was used as the name of the male lead in the movie "Across the Universe."
Why You Should Use It: This soft but strong boy's name makes a great choice for parents who love The Beatles or love names with a lot of history (sorry I didn't expand on that, I wanted to stick to history concerning The Beatles).
Why You Might Not Want to Use It: Jude is currently at the highest position on the name charts it has ever been (#170), and it will most likely rise even more. Also, it sounds very similar to Jew, and that may be a concern for some people.

If you haven't seen "Across the Universe" (which I am now assigning to you as homework), here is a picture of Lucy and Jude from the movie.

More names from Beatles songs
Maggie Mae (not to be confused with Maggie May, by Rod Stewart and sung on American Idol by Paul McDonald)
Maxwell (this must be where they got Max's name from in "Across the Universe")
Penny (I know it's not really used as a name in the song "Penny Lane," but why not?)
Pepper (Sgt. Pepper)

PS: I'm going on vacation today, so the posts for the next week-ish won't really be anything newsworthy, just some random stuff I wanted to write about. Enjoy!

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