Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bachelorette: The Highlights

Sorry I missed The Bachelorette last night (trust me, I'm just devastated). But I did catch up on what happened last night and I share my thoughts.

First, Bentley confirmed my assumption of his toolishness. He repeated a bunch of times last night, "She's just not my type." So, why are you on the show? He also mentioned that he would hate to plan a wedding with her, and that when he kissed her it was alright, but the end sucked (he seems rather charming, doesn't he?).
Here's a picture of this major tool bag.
I'm a tool.
Looking at him, it is obvious to me that he's a jerk. Clearly Ashley doesn't have an ability to detect jerks, because he's still around. Check out something she said about him last night.
"I have a pretty good radar in terms of somebody who's not being sincere, and I'm seeing such sincerity in him."
Really? You saw sincerity in him? Where? Because it is quite obvious to everyone else that he is only there to promote himself and his baby/blanket, Cozy (this still gets my nomination for worst name ever). Also, Ashley was warned by Bentley's ex-wife that he was there for the wrong reasons, yet she was dumb enough to keep him around.

Ashley was also dumb enough to keep The Phantom around for another week. Yipee.
If I have to, I will marry you in this mask.
So there you go. This show gets me every time. Seeing people fall in love in a course of 6 weeks gives me hope for my future - hopefully one day I, too, can be the Bachelorette and deal with tools like Bentley and The Phantom.

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