Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol Recap: And Then There Were Two...

Okay, America, it's time to see if you made amends for sending home the wrong person last week. Do me proud! And American Idol.

My choice to leave:
Lauren Alaina (please, please send her home)

Mom's pick:

Dad's pick:

They don't want to her go home, but they kind think she will. Unfortunately...

I saw P McD in the audience again. Guess who is missing from Paul's side? Nikki Reed. Wanna know why? Because he didn't want me to be jealous anymore. How sweet.

Gotta love "Super Eight" promotion, I love it when tv shows tell me what movies to see and products to buy (I'm easily manipulated). James Durbin was with the top 3! It's only been a week, and I'd missed him. The cool part of this montage? They got old school cameras! I really want one.

Wow Elle Fanning is annoying. She sounds like she can't breathe when she laughs. Cool, her 6 year old cousin is almost as obsessed with American Idol as I am (except I picked someone with talent as my favorite).

Haley's hometown visit is up next.

It's pretty cool that all those people showed up to support her in the rain. I love when Haley said to that one girl, "Wow, thanks for freaking out." Haha classic. Visiting her family was cute, as was visiting her high school (if I ever got onto American Idol and did that, I would have lost it). I love it when Haley performs with her whole family! My mom said, "They're talened like our famiy." This may or may not be true...
Haley's bodyguard was hilarious and huge.

Holy crap who the eff is Il Volo??
This is for real. This is actually happening on American Idol.
My mom asked if this real. Wow all these guys are super nerdy looking, and not in a cute way.
Okay, American Idol producers, what empowered you to invite these guys onto the show? Your audience isn't the opera enthusiast kind. My parents and I have many questions; Are they really singing? How old are they (the chubbier guy looks like he's 12, but he has a wedding ring on)?
I can't believe this is really happening. No one knows how to react to that. That was easily the most bizarre thing I've ever seen on this show (and that's not saying much).

Scotty returns home to prepare for the rapture.

How many girls between the age of 10 and 18 do you think showed up? I'd assume about 98% of the crowd was teen girls. Sheesh. (By the way, that larger girl who freaked out by seeing Scotty in the car may or may not be me in July when I see Paul McDonald.) Aww Scotty da Body is crying! How cute is that? He's a great kid. And Scotty makes a return to the grocery store.
Guess who surprised our Flute Extraordinaire when he was singing in front his thousands of weeping girly fans? Josh Turner! That was the best moment ever. He turned around like he knew who it was, then just about crapped his pants when he realized it was Josh Turner. Classic.

Nicole Sherzinger and 50 Cent are up next. So Nicole is trying out the solo thing again. I can already tell you that this song will be terrible right after she opens her mouth. Could Nicole sound worse? I think not. Also, the poor girl also never learned proper English. "Me like the way..." no, sweetie, it's "I like the way..." If you're going to sing a terrible sing, please do it with correct grammar. I missed the end because I was getting cake. Sorry.
So, tonights two performers couldn't have been more different. I don't understand who they were trying to appeal to. Because, as someone with impeccible taste in music (I've been told, by myself), neither of those performances appealed to me in the least.

Lauren Alaina and her sister/mom are headed on down to Georgia.
Jim Jim is taking me to prom.
Lauren's going to jail! It's probably because she sang that song with "evil"
in it. Hey, if this girl got a day, can I get a day for me, too? I chose my birthday.
Wow the wreckage was devastating, and I can't even imagine how hard it must have been for her to see her hometown like that. That little boy was amazing (and adorable in his tie)!
What a cute hometown montage. That might have been my favorite one because of the emotional stuff from the tornadoes. Terrible.

Who's getting the boot?
Damn you Ryan! Make us wait until after the commercial break? Evil.
Okay, for real this time:
Scotty da Body, Flute Extraordinaire has made it to the finale (duh, I could have told you that from the first time he auditioned).
Leaving us tonight is: Haley Reinhart.
Well darn it. America, you've let me down again.

Haley's final performance was great. I hope she does good things with het career. Guess who we got to see again? Jacob "I Gyrate for Jesus" Lusk. I can't help but wonder how he'll prepare for what may or may not happen this weekend (spoiler alert: Jesus ain't coming to visit).

So it looks like Lauren Alaina and her sister/mom will be competing against Scotty, Flute Extraordinaire next week for the crown. Who will win? Who will lose (hopefully Lauren)?

Tune in next week to see my awesome recap of the Finale. Adios, amigos!

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