Wednesday, May 4, 2011

American Idol Top 5: Oldies and Goodies

It's time, once again, for the show that is infinitely better than The Voice...American Idol! Hold onto your pants, it's time to rock and roll.

Contemporary Songs are first.

He's singing a 30 Second to Mars song. And I think it was totally adorable how Sheryl Crow and James Durbin were both excited to sing with each other.
Onto the performance. I thought it started out a little weak. The beginning was just a little out of tune, and didn't show James' true potential. Then he kicked it up, and did better than when he started. But, overall, I think that this was a lowpoint of Twitch's overall performances. He's fo sho in it to win it (and he will win it), but this wasn't my favorite. I preferred his cover of "Uprising."

Jacob Lusk
"No Air" - Hmm... I don't even know what to think as of yet.
Holy crap. Umm... I have no words for this performance. His voice is so high all the time. As my philosophical mom pointed out, "If only he could sing more than one note." Seriously, this was not good. Jacob's facial expressions were ridiculous (he resembles a turtle), and he started touching himself on stage. And gyrating for Jesus (but is there really any other way to do it?).
Whenever Randy starts with "Uh..." you know it's a bad sign. I pretty much agree with The Dawg. That song wasn't at all for him.

Lauren Alaina
"Flat on the Floor." Guess what? I love Carrie Underwood. So let's hope Miss Lucy Lovelace does a good job.
Firstly, Lauren looks super cute. (Although I doubt she can breathe with how tight her belt is.) But they added about 5 pounds of hair to her head.
Second, I actually really like this song for Lauren. I think she can pull off the pop/country vibe, and I dug it. She was having fun up there, and her voice definitely has something unique about it. I hope Lauren stays going in this direction, because this was perfection! Yeah son.

Scotty da Body, Flute Extraordinaire
I think it's clear that I'm not Scotty's biggest fan. He needs to switch it up a bit.
Gosh darnit, Scotty, please hold your microphone like a flute! That's my favorite. So, I've been pleasantly surprised with the two young'ins tonight. Scotty da Body did a pretty good job with this song. It wasn't all his super, ridiculously deep singing (although that's great), and I was digging this. My favorite of Scotty's so far.
Observation: And it appears that Scotty either took drugs or drank a few Red Bulls before the performance. He was very energetic.

Haley Reinhart
"You and I" - GaGa? Really? I guess we'll see. Jimmy and Sheryl seem very optimistic about this.
There's something about this song that I really like for Haley. I've been relatively back and forth on my opinion of this one, but I've tried to support her from the beginning. With this performance, she made it easy to like her. It worked so well for Haley's voice, and I could see her cutting a record like this. (But she's not the performer, unfortunately.)
Whoa, JLo. Way to wreck Haley's mojo. I thought Haley did well. Unnecessary of the judges! I liked it, and clearly my opinion holds more value than the judges (I mean, it might as well). Poor Haley.

Oldies are up next.
I'd just like to add that I'm still missing my dear, sweet P McD. I can't help but think how he could still be bopping about my TV screen tonight.

Twitch: Parte Dos
"Without You" - Guess what? I love that James Durbin is so versatile. And emotional (I just adore this guy, he better win).
Wow. James already has tears in eyes. How endearing. This was a beautiful performance, just stunning. When James brings his emotions to his songs, hold onto your pants (I've used this twice in one post). That was amazing. His honesty and emotion he brings from his love for Heidi and Hunter was touching. And his range always amazes me. Loved it!
Randy says this competition is his to lose. Wow. Huge statement and compliment.
This guy is phenomenal. We're all rooting for him at my house.
Also, he wasn't wearing any shoes! He's so natural. Gotta love it.

Jacob "I Gyrate for Jesus" Lusk
"Love Hurts" - Jacob has a rock side? Is this a joke, or something? (Also, when I heard the title of this song, I started singing Incubus.)
So my darling mother and I decided that we wish Jacob would stop singing one note, kind of like Scotty (but different). I'm here to watch American Idol, not feel like I'm in church. Why is there a harpist in a ROCK song?
I'm so annoyed with them that I can't even give popular recap of this performance. That last note was highly amusing, by the way. He is so easy to mock!
Please go home.

Lauren Alaina
Songs from Lauren's sister/mom's generation? It's "Unchained Melody."
Is she wearing a dress, or a really flowy jumper? (My mom and I spent a good minute trying to decide.)
So I'm not as impressed with this one as I am with the former song. Lauren's voice is good and all, and she can hit the notes, but this is the opposite direction in which she should be headed. I was slightly bored. It couldn't measure up to the first one for me, I preferred that.
Why are all the judges saying there's nothing to judge? Isn't that the point of judges?

Scotty da Body, Flute Extraordinaire
"Always on my Mind" - Elvis again? Last time he sang Elvis, he was on drugs. Scotty and Sheryl sounded good together.
Scotty holding the microphone like a flute. Whoever gave him that I advice, I hate you. I just coined his Flute Extraordinaire nickname, and now it isn't applicable.
That was a pretty solid performance (although it would have been better had he worn a cowboy hat, just saying). This kid is mega talented, and I can see why people hop aboard the Scotty Train. His voice was good, and he's a natural performer. Nice job, dude.
Scotty's grandma was adorable, with her fancy earrings and broach.

Haley Reinhart
"House of the Rising Sun" - I kind of adore this song. Do it up, chica!
Guess what? I love a Capella singing. That beginning was beautiful. Just stunning (but she can't nap on stage). This song is perfect for Haley. Her bluesy, growliness works perfectly in this song, and this is a great rendition. While I really liked her first song, this one definitely topped it. This is possibly my favorite performance of Haley's.
Standing ovation from the judges! Yeah, that's right. Haley did amazing. Loved it!

So, this was a pretty solid night of performances. I'm impressed by 4 out 5 of the contestants.
Is it time for Jacob to go (I hope so)? Tune in tomorrow, America, to see my recap of the results.


  1. gyrate for jesus!!! gets me everytime HAHHAHAH

  2. Hahaha that's what Jacob does! He wouldn't have it any other way... Haha