Monday, May 23, 2011

Jennifer Lawrence Debuts Her New Look for "The Hunger Games"

If you're like me, then you're completely pumped for "The Hunger Games" movie to come out (if you're not like me, then I'm sorry, at least in this case). I am in love with the book series, and I am ridiculously excited for the movie, as well.

So, the lucky lady playing Katniss is Jennifer Lawrence (you may know her from "Winter's Bone," but probably not). Lawrence made a huge splash with aforementioned movie, and is also starring in X-Men: First Class, which I will also be in line to see. When she was picked to play Katniss, people were apparently enraged because she's a blonde, as you can see below.

But, some people clearly forgot about the wonderful invention of hair dye, because here is Lawrence, a brunette and ready to kick ass in the Hunger Games.
Whoa. She looks just like Katniss (at least in my mind).
Let's also take a gander at her lovely co-stars. First up is Josh Hutcherson, who is playing Peeta Mellark (please note: I'm pretty sure he hasn't actually dyed his hair blonde yet, this is just a fan photo depicting what he'll look like).

I think he's the perfect pick for Peeta, because I can definitely see him as the tough, love interest of Katniss (plus I used to think he was super cute). Hutcherson has evolved into a great actor, going from "RV" to "The Kids Are All Right," which looks like a fantastic movie.

Next up is the male playing Gale (oh, look at me rhyme). You may recognize him from "The Last Song," but I sure don't. Liam Hensworth!
He's a hunk, isn't he? I kind of wish he were playing Peeta, but I'll deal with it. I'm not the producer.

Next, playing Effie Trinket is Elizabeth Banks (love her!) and playing Haymitch Abernathy is Woody Harrelson (Robert Downey, Jr. was rumored as Haymitch, and I kind of wish he were playing him). Here are these lovely actors.

Can't you just picture Banks as an annoying lady from The Capital who says stupid things (like "Remember, pressure makes pearls"), and Harrelson as a drunken, old Hunger Games winner who coaches Katniss and Peeta? Because I can. And I mean both of those things in the best way possible.

And last, portraying Cesar is Stanley Tucci (that is perfect casting, right there), and Katniss' little sister Primrose will be played by Willow Shields (who?). Take a look.

So that's it, folks. Your wonderful cast for "The Hunger Games." Stay tuned, because I will most likely frequently discuss this novel-turned-movie. Also, tonight I will blog about The Bachelorette, America's favorite show about failed love!

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