Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Obsessed With... Music Edition

I've learned that I tend to get obsessed with things rather quickly. And I also invest a lot of time and energy into this obsessions (such as P McD and The Grand Magnolias, or names). Right now I'm obsessed with three different musicians/bands. I can't seem to go a day without listening to at least one of them.

Let's take a gander, shall we?

1) Ray Lamontagne
I recently downloaded one of his newer songs "Beg Steal or Borrow," and it's amazing. Ray's voice is so soft yet strong (kind of like how JLo described Paul McDonald), and his lyrics are amazing. One of my favorite lines from this song is: "You've been howling at the moon like a slackjawed fool and breaking every rule they can throw on. But one of these days it's gonna be right soon, you're gonna find your legs and go and stay gone." This man can tell a great story through his lyrics. Marvelous!
What an interesting looking dude.

2) Mumford & Sons
First of all, I dig the name of the band. I just love when something ends in "& Sons" or "& Company." These guys are super talented. Mumford has a great voice, it's so unique, and his sons kill it with their instruments (they make the banjo seem badass). As of this moment, I only have "Little Lion Man" and "The Cave." But those songs are great and just really fun. If I ever go to a hoedown, I will dance to Mumford & His Sons.
Favorite lyrics: "Your grace is wasted in your face, your boldness stands alone among the wreck." (Little Lion Man - That's pretty intense, right?)
"Now let me at the truth which will refresh my broken mind." (The Cave - It was hard to pick just one favorite line.)
I love Mumford and his Sons! They're great, and here's a picture:
They look pretty intense.

3) The Avett Brothers
So, I first heard these lovely brothers (see, I think I like their name too because of the whole brothers thing) singing on the Grammy's. And I was like, "Whoa." (Grand Mags reference) I bought two of their songs, "I and Love and You" and "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise." Yeah, those songs are magic. The first one is kind of slow, but it has such a great tune that it often gets stuck in my head. The second one is kind of uplifting, and makes me want to do interpretive dancing.
Lyric Time: "That woman she’s got eyes that shine. Like a pair of stolen polished dimes." (I and Love and You - There's something about that line that I just adore.)
"If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected, decide what to be and go be it." (Head Full of Doubt - How uplifting. It's very powerful when they sing it.)
And here are the brothers.
Look at that rockin' beard. They look like they're cramped in a tacky trailer.

So that's all, folks! My latest obsession. Maybe you, too, will become obsessed.

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