Thursday, May 12, 2011

Guess Who I Get to Meet Tonight?

I'll give you three guesses... But since you'll most likely guess wrong all three times (and if you're thinking it's Paul McDonald, it's not, unfortunately), I'll give you a hint.
Here's a picture of her, I'm sure you'll know now.

You know now, right? No? It's Sarah Dessen! Yipee. So, who is this lovely lady? She is an excellent author (whom I love) who writes amazing books. I've read all of her books, and a new one was just released (picture below), so Mrs. Dessen is promoting her book by visiting a bunch of bookstores. And she is coming to my local Tattered Cover tonight at 7, and I'm thrilled beyond words. Here's the cover of her new book, "What Happened to Goodbye":
Ooh I'm so excited! The main character is named McClean (mc-clayn). Sarah Dessen chooses the best names for her characters (I think I may do a post about that tomorrow).

So, you're probably wondering, "Why are you so excited to meet Sarah Dessen?" Well, let me answer your pressing question.
Not only do I adore Sarah Dessen's books and characters, she also knows how to relate to her readers. It's really great because the characters tend to have issues that readers can relate to, and if they can't, they're still enveloped in the story line (I can rarely put her books down). I've even read my absolute favorite of her books, "This Lullaby," about 7 times. Great book. Dessen has a very distinct style, which I love.
To add to that wonderfulness, Dessen's books and writing have inspired me to write. I am serious. I've always enjoyed reading, as well as writing, but Dessen's books truly inspired me to begin writing a book. I've started and stopped a few for awhile, but I finally started one I really like and I think it'll be good (unfortunately, it's so hard to write with school in the way! Summer is coming though, so I'll write a lot).

As you can see, Sarah Dessen is frickin' awesome. I am so pumped to meet her. I may or may not post pictures later!
By the way, check out her books. You won't regret it. You'll fall in love with her and her characters.

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