Tuesday, May 24, 2011

American Idol Top 2: The Final Showdown

Alrighty, America. Let's get this thing over with. I don't even care who wins, so, I'm ready for this shindig to end.

I am so glad they called out a doctor to explain Lauren's vocal problems. I would've been lost without that.

Scotty da Body, Flute Extraordinaire
He is singing "Gone."
So my friend (who hates country) pretty much just said she doesn't want him to win. This song was a pretty good rendition, better than his previous. At least he didn't do drugs this time.
So they've ignored the judges. Which is fine, they don't do much anyway.

Lauren Alaina
Ugh I didn't like when she sang "Flat on the Floor," and I don't like this one either. But she did pop a vocal cord (thanks doctor!), so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.
But they give her way too much hair and makeup. She's 16!!

Scotty McCreery
George Strait picked his own jam, "Check Yes or No." Why'd you pick this, sir? This wasn't a great choice. It's way too hick-y sounding for this guy to be singing. Not a huge fan of this performance (but, hey, I'd prefer him to win over Lauren Alaina and her sister/mom).
By the way, sorry my reviews are shorter than normal. My friend kind of hates American Idol, so we're trying to speed through this for the sake of her sanity.

Lauren sans Sister/Mom
Carrie Underwood chose "Maybe it Was Memphis." Never hear this one before.
Ugh why is she in a cupcake dress?? She is 16 years old and on American Idol, not 6 years old and on Toddlers and Tiaras.
My poor friend is about to shoot herself in the head. And I don't blame her. This song is not great for her, it sounds like something Paul McDonald would have sang, and done a better job with. I really don't want this girl to win. She has a very annoying voice and personality.

Wait, there's some judging going on?
Randy is praising our voting skills (I'm not, I still despise some of America for sending home PMcD and Twitch). He thinks Scotty had a "slight edge" on Round 1, and Lauren won Round 2.
JLo loves Scotty and Lauren. She agrees with Randy.
Steven Tyler thinks they're all beautiful. Whoa, is he a semi-pedophile? Lauren won both rounds because she's prettier than Scotty. But the real question is: Who is prettier between them and Lauren's sister/mom?

Okay, Taio Cruz + Lasers = Not Good. I skipped through this.

Scotty da Body
This is his new single! "I Love You This Bit" is the title. He didn't even write it, it was outsourced. Boo.
Prepare yourself for emotions. I can already tell you this will be terrible when it starts with "I may be young." Yuck. I hate songs like this, I really do. But our darling Flute Extraordinaire sounds great, as usual. His voice is so country, and people seem to love it (but I love the violinist, I'd vote for him). So, Scotty Boy redeemed himself at the end with the great note. Those teenage girls that so happened to be at the front seemed to love it! Awesome.
The judges just adore him. Naturally. Oh, and he's in it to win it (thanks, Randy, this is the finale).

Lauren Alaina
Her single is "Dear Sister/Mom." Oh wait, it's not? Darn it. It's actually called "Like My Mother Does." (I think she should rename it what I suggested.)
There is some dude playing the mandolin! Awesome. These songs are seriously terrible. Whoever wrote them should be fired immediately, if not worse (I can't even imagine how much Paul is mocking these lyrics). I'm bored! How gentleman-ly of Ryan to help Lauren down the stairs.
The judges are setting this young lady up to win. And she doesn't deserve to. She's way too annoying to represent our country in the singing world.

So, I don't care who wins, as long as it isn't Lauren. If she wins, I'll be kind of upset.

Sorry there are no pictures tonight. I'll post more in depth tomorrow night. Off to watch Glee (and save my Idol-despising friend). Toodle-oo, America! Vote for Scotty!

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