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American Idol Top 4: Gaga and Old Guys

Alrighty, Americans. It's time for our country's favorite show of Idols - American Idol.
Before we get started, I have some shameless bragging to do. My mother and I are semi-road tripping it to Portland Oregon this July to see...*drumroll please* the American Idol LIVE! Tour (see that emphasis)! And my mom got online at the exact minute that the pre-sale tickets went on sale, and bought us Row NINE seats! She's awesome (I was taking an AP exam, so she took the responsibility of ticket buyer). So, if anyone is going to the Portland American Idol concert, look for the girl in a glitzed out Grand Magnolias t-shirt, (possibly) stalking Paul McDonald.

I really love how they compared the Idols to heroes. That's a pretty bold statement, American Idol people.

First up are songs that inspire the contestants.

Opening the show is my favorite, James Durbin
He'll be tackling "Don't Stop Believing." Firstly, why did Twitch bleach part of his hair? I disapprove. Onto the singing, this performance was muy excelente. James' voice sounded awesome (he toned down his high notes), and this song really worked for him. As my dad said, James performs like he's in a band, whereas the other performers don't.
The judges love Twitch, and so does my family. This man is in it to win it, and I cannot wait to see him win. Gotta love this guy! I just can't properly insult/critique James.
I forgot to mention that James always has fun up there. Rock on, dude.

Haley Reinhart
These pants are super tight.

She's singing "The Earth Song." This may be absolutely terrible, but when Ryan Seacrest said she's tackling the King of Pop, my mind went to Justin Beiber. I'm embarrassed! Please forgive me.
I think this song is great, and I remember the clip of this song from the Michael Jackson Concert movie. And, quite frankly, I'm not so sure Haley is doing it justice. I adore Haley for some reason, her scratchy voice appeals to me a lot, but I'm cautious. The beginning was slightly boring, but then she kicked it into gear! Nice job, girl, you ended on a great note. Literally (that last note was really strong).
I will paraphrase what JLo said, at this point in the competition, this may or may not have been the best song choice. She did a good job, but she really could have chosen a better song.
Unfortunately, it seems this poor girl can never win (with the judges or the show).

Scotty da Body, Flute Extraordinaire
Dear Scotty, if you don't hold your microphone like a flute tonight, I will not vote for you (I never have, but still).
He's singing "Mumble Mumble World Stop Turning." It's gonna be a mellow hoedown.
My parents and I always seem to be shocked when Scotty opens his mouth and sings so deep. Seriously.
Hold the phone, America. Is this song written from the point of view of George W. Bush? One line is, "I'm not sure I could tell you the difference between Iraq and Iran, but I know Jesus and I talk to God." Holy crapole, I literally just laughed my butt off. Guess who just lost my vote, times two? Why would he choose this song? He kind of just sounds stupid, singing those lyrics. I should clarify that Scotty's voice is excellent, I just think that song was hilarious (now we know he's a Bible-loving, Republican).
Oh, and my dad thinks that Scotty is full of crap with his explanation of the song choice.

Guess who I just saw?? My Future Fiance, with his filler girlfriend, Nikki Reed (stop flaunting it! I get it, okay!). They were behind Randy at the end of the song. I can spot Paul McDonald from a fast glimpse. I can't wait to meet this man... I miss him. Let's look at a picture of this lovely person.
I can wear bandannas around my neck. I'm that cool.

There Paul is with Casey!!! Oh, how I love him! Paul, guess what? I already got tickets to see you, and you alone (and I guess the other Idols...).

Lauren Alaina

So she chose "Do it Anyway" by Martina McBride song, to let people know it's okay to rebuild their lives, and to have faith. Awesome, I LOVE when singers preach to me.
Her dress is horrid. I saw this in a prom magazine, and laughed.
So listen, dog (I'm channeling my inner Randy), Lauren's voice is awesome. She has a great range and can hit great notes, and I can definitely see the emotion in this song. It was a beautiful performance, BUT...that last note could have and should have been much bigger. I'm a little disappointed that she held back there, but still good. My dad and I just replayed that and sang over the end with a bigger, stronger note. Glass may or may not have broken.
Randy says, "You know what was wrong with that song?" Trick question, America! "Nothing!" Oh Randy, you jokester.

Leiber and Stoller songs are up next. Is anyone else wondering, "Who the eff are those people?" Because I am. But I do know who Gaga is.

Lady Gaga montage. She gets crazier and crazier. But beautiful, right (no)? I love the drawn on mole, the things jutting out of her cheeks, and her black bangs, and 10 inch heels. Wow. I have a new style icon.

Haley Reinhart
Guess who's doing another slower song? Haley. She's singing "I Who Have Nothing." Lady Gaga tells her to make her performance "a laugh away from a tear." Awesome.
I love orchestras in songs, and I was instantly drawn to this song. Haley's voice sounded amazing at the beginning of the song, she really can add drama to the already dramatic orchestra. She sounds much, much better than the first song. Okay, the ending was phenomenal. Her anger totally inspired the passion in her voice. The last "I love you" gave me goosebumps (that is a sign of awesomeness). I loved this, the judges loved it, and we all gave her a standing ovation (even my darling P McD).
Nice job, Haley! You have filled me with pride.

Scotty da Body, Flute and Jesus Talking Extraordinaire (like the new addition to his nickname? But it could be a curse for him, as we've seen with my past nicknames.)
I love Jesus and holding a microphone like a flute.

My mom thinks that Gaga is going to tell McCreery to wear her heels. I think she is going to encourage more drug use, or possibly holding the microphone like a flute (she better!).
He's singing "Young Blood." Gaga encouraged him to make out with the microphone. Awesome. She totally corrupted Scotty's conservative morals.
Wow that was a terrible performance. I can't help but wonder what drug he took, but my mom says he's just high on Jesus. That was horrendous, and terribly hokey. Seriously. And what's up with his crazy eyebrow movement (they looked like they would jump off of his head, like in cartoons)? Wow, Scotty, that was just bad.
The only plus? He returned to his fluting ways.

Lauren Alaina
Wow that's a sparkly jacket. Hand me my sunglasses, Chauncey! (That's the name of my imaginary butler.)
She is singing "Trouble," by Elvis Presley. Lady Gaga was weird at 16?? And Lauren doesn't want to call herself evil?? One of these things is ridiculous, and that is the latter. Lauren needs to loosen up, and stop sharing clothes with her sister/mom.
First of all, that dress is way too tight (sorry, girly), and she has way too much hair. Also, her dancing and attempted theatrics are so awkward.
My dad said this song was evil (he said this accidentally), and I agree. It wasn't great, and it seemed a little forced. The beginning was decent, but then it got weird and awkward. I don't know, it didn't work.
She might go home.
Also, mis padres and I can't help but wonder why she picked this song if she was all concerned about the whole evil thing. That was all she sang. I disagree with the judges, I thought it was not good.


"Love Potion No. 9," is James' choice. He shall do excellent, I say! Gaga, in her leotard and bizarre wig, started dancing with Durbie. Yeah, he can be theatrical! Rock it out, my main man (second to Paul).
A rock feel to this song? I can dig it. Wow Twitch is awesome. I love his rock songs, and his upper register is so awesome. Not only is James' voice amazing, his performances are also amazing. I pretty much wait for his performance every week, starting on Wednesday at 8:35. Also, I love his theatrics and interaction with the band. He has so much fun up there, and he totally rocked that song.
I cannot wait to see him go all the way (and win)!! Huzzah.

So, best of the night? James.
Worst? Eh, probably Lauren.
My father and I agree that we want the Top 2 to be Twitch and Haley (although it will be probably Scotty instead of Haley).

Good night of performances. I can dig it. That's all, America! Tune in tomorrow for the results.

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