Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Voice: The Singers Duke it Out Vocally - Part 1.5

Aaand she's back. It's time for Part 1.5 of my recap of The Voice.
In the first half, Frenchie Davis made it from Christina Aguliera's team, and Patrick Thomas made it from Blake Shelton's team. Let's see who moves on and who is defeated in the second half.

Next up is Adam Levine's team. This man is gorgeous. Take a look.
Eye candy? Yes, indeed.

Casey Weston vs. Tim Mahoney
They will sing "Leather and Lace." Umm... Casey has an annoyingly high voice, I cannot listen to her talk.
Adam Blackstone, who helps out in Maroon 5, is aiding these hopeful talents (?) in singing together. Let me be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the voices on this show, but I do like how the judges/coaches help out their team. The more of Adam Levine, the better.
Onto the actual performance. Whoa, they made Casey look like a slut. Her dad was afraid to say it, but I'm not.
Singing critique: Casey's voice is interesting, but I'm not sure how much I like it. It's shaky, but in a nervous way, and I think she could use some finetuning. Tim's voice is much better. He has a certain rasp and uniqueness to his voice, but he makes weird faces when he sings (like he's in pain). I could care less about which one goes home, but I like Tim slightly better than Casey, so I'd pick him to win. So Cee Lo said that Casey sounds like Stevie Nicks, and then mumbled some nonsense (he needs captions on this show).
Winner: Casey Weston. So...clearly I cannot pick winners. Casey just annoys me, though, but here she is.

Next up are singers from Cee Lo's team. Why does he wear all red? It hurts my eyes.
Here's an image of that:

 He's a big boy, with a big voice. Hey, news alert (well, maybe not to some more informed readers):
 Cee Lo used to sing in Gnarls Barkley. Mind blown.

So, we got Vicci Martinez vs. Niki Dawson. Vicci and Niki! Yeah.
"Perfect" by Pink is the song they will sing. I love this song, so hopefully they do it justice.
I like Vicci's voice better than Niki voice. It has a lot of soul and it's unique, which I clearly enjoy. Niki on the other hand sounds a little too pop for me. During rehearsal, Cee Lo loves it. He waddled around the stage in his head-to-toe red outfit, seemingly conflicted.
Into the ring they go! First of all, Niki's hair is ridiculous (did she forget to take out the curler?), and an animal is trying to escape from her pants. These things may pose a problem. Vicci's voice sounds awesome in this song, her uniqueness isn't forced, like some of the other contestants. Niki is good, too, but I'm not as big of a fan. But, let's face it, they kind of sound very similar. This performance was pretty decent. I choose Vicci as a winner.
Adam Levine loved that duet, as did I. Blake Shelton said that they're both pretty awesome. Christina Aguliera sang.
Winner: Vicci Martinez.
Awesome, I was right this time! Let's take a look at the winner.
I really like this picture. And, hey, guess what? Vicci appeared on American Idol before The Voice. I think we can ascertain which show is better...

And with that, I am off to prepare myself for American Idol. See you lovely people tonight!

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