Saturday, May 7, 2011

Favourite Names of the Week: Royal Wedding Edition

See what I did in the title? Clever.
Is the Royal Wedding still considered a fresh topic? Because I'm dying to cover the lovely names that were on the people of the wedding party. Let's begin!

So I'll use this picture as a guide, and we'll gush over their awesome names. These young junior bridesmaids and toy soldiers (that's what they are, right?) have names suited for royalty, naturally.

Young girl in the back (poor thing, that's the worst picture ever):
Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary
How fancy! She is the granddaughter of Queen Mum Elizabeth (see how British I seemed there?), the daughter of the Earl Edward of Essex.
And she has a younger brother named James Alexander Philip Theo. Awesome, I know.

The little girl in the front, on the far left:
Sorry, fellow name fanatics, I unfortunately couldn't find her full name. But apparently she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh van Cutsem (yes, them), and godchild of Prince William. That's all I got. So here's a picture of how miserable she was at the wedding.
Poor girl, she just wants the noise and torture to end. No child under 5 should be in a wedding, or else they could end up like Little Grace - or worse.

Now onto the little girl sitting in front of Prince William. She's my favorite, for a few reasons.
Damn! Again, I couldn't get any information of her middle names (this makes me mad). She's pretty much the cutest little girl ever, and here she is with a pink worm toy.
Haha Grace looks miserable, again.

Last little girl in the picture, on the far right.
Margarita Elizabeth Rose Alleyne
Such a beautiful name! Although I have no clue how to pronounce her last middle name. She also has a brother named Charles Patrick Inigo (do you think he was pissed he didn't get to be in the wedding? Probably not...). So this little cutie is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth's late sister, Princess Margaret.
Tangent: I love that Queen Elizabeth has corgis (they're my favorite dogs ever), and in the "King's Speech" (excellent movie, go see it) they show a young Elizabeth and Margaret with two corgis. Adorable.

Onto the Toy Soldiers.
The little blond one:
Thomas "Tom"
The other one:
William "Billy"
That's all the dirt I have on them. Unfortunately they haven't been in too many scandals.

Now onto the Maid of Honor and Best Man. Drumroll...

Philippa Charlotte "Pippa"
Okay, I'll just say what everyone else is thinking...her name is fabulous. Just wonderful. While I'm not the biggest fan of Philippa, Pippa has quickly become one of my favorite names (yes, because of the lovely Middleton sister). And, to make it even better, Philippa (and Pippa) means "lover of horses." Come on. That is brilliant. I love Pippa Middleton, and her beautiful name. Let's look at this lovely lady.
Whoa! I just learned racy pictures of Ms. Middleton has surfaced, but I have more integrity than that to post them (well, not really, but I don't see it as a huge problem. She's not the princess).
So elegant! The next one is my favorite.
Quite beautiful.

Next up is the "wild child," Prince William's younger, more attractive brother (sorry, Sir).
Henry Charles Albert David "Harry"
His name is so quintessentially British, I love it. Let's break it down. Henry is a very popular name in Britain, as is Harry, and a very royal choice, indeed. Charles is most likely after his father, Prince Charles. Albert is probably after his great-grandfather, and mother of Queen Elizabeth, King George VI (whose full name was Albert Frederick Arthur George, he was called "Bertie"). David, I'm not really sure, but it may have come from Princess Diana's side. Either way, this name is chockful of royal history.
Let's take a gander at this handsome Prince Harry.
Yeah. Soak it in. That wonderful, adult-sized toy soldier outfit works well for him.
Whoa. So cute. Prince Harry, if Paul McDonald and I don't work out, you're my backup.

So that's all, folks! Royalty and royal names are great. There may or may not be another royal post coming soon.

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