Sunday, May 1, 2011

I've Been Missing Paul McDonald

I've just missed this guy lately. Haven't you? It's still strange to not see his glistening teeth and crazy dance moves flit across my TV screen every Wednesday and Thursday night.
Luckily for me, I have music from The Grand Magnolias and Hightide Blues. They hold me over until I get my next Paul Fix.

Let's take a gander at Paul has been up to.
According to his Twitter page, he is in Alabama for the wedding of one of his high school buds. I see this as a discrete way of hinting that he wants to marry me in Alabama (but he may have to settle with my home state).

Who wants pictures of P McD? I do (and since this is my blog, I shall do just that)!
Look at that man! His adorable smile, the way he tilts his head (he seems to do that a lot when he talks), and just his aura of awesomeness. No one could get cooler than Paul.

This next picture is a screen shot from the day of his audition (otherwise known as the day I fell in love. No joke. That audition caused my love for P McD. It will be a great story to tell our children one day).
I mean, come on, Paul. Stop being so damn awesome. You're making everyone jealous.

One more? Okay, alright, I'll post two more.
Comments: The first picture I simply adore. I love that shirt.
The second picture brings back feelings of heartache. That was the terrible night that America decided to send Paul home! The tragedy.

You're welcome. I know you were missing Paul McDonald as much as I was (right?), and now you've been saved.

That's all folks! See ya next time.

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