Monday, May 30, 2011

Sean Kingston and Movies

Yeah, those are completely opposite topics, but I figured why not group them together.

Let's start with Sean Kingston... As you may or may not have heard (hopefully not, I love feeling like I'm breaking news), Kingston was in a jet ski crash with some girl and was severely injured. According to TMZ, he is out of the Trauma Unit and into Intensive Care Unit.
Luckily for Sean (and the rest of us), The Biebster was there to wish for a safe recovery. What would we do without this little pop star?

Onto movies... The top of the box office this weekend was The Hangover Part II. I think that movie looks terrible, and according to a reliable source (namely, my hair stylist), it was not very good. But I'm not shocked that it was top of the box office. Following it was Kung Fu Panda (which was supposedly better than said Hangover sequel).
The same crap happens again. And we're shocked.
This looks a movie we can skip. Agreed? Another one to skip is "Thor." I saw that last weekend and it wasn't great (I love superhero movies, but this one was a bore). Only go see if it you plan on seeing "The Avengers" next year. Which I plan on seeing.

That's all for now, folks!

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