Monday, May 16, 2011

Names of the Week: Sarah Dessen Edition

It's time, once again, for Names of the Week. This time I shall continue with my honoring of Sarah Dessen and do names from her books.
The main two names will be from absolute favorite of her books (one which I've read 7 times), "This Lullaby." Here we go!

Remy (girl)
Origin: French from Latin
Meaning: "oarsman"
Character in the Book: In "This Lullaby," Remy Starr is the main character. She is relatively rebellious and very strong headed. Remy does not "believe" in love because her mom has been divorced multiple times, and in this book, she is moving onto her 5th marriage. But, Remy's feelings and thoughts about love are challenged when she meets the charming Dexter. Wonderful stories insue!
Why You Should Use It: Remy is a relatively unique girl's name. Although it's primarily a boy's name, it definitely has a feminine feel to it that many are attracted to.
Why You Might Not Want To Use It: It could be a boy's name. And it could be associated with Remington Guns, or something.

Origin: Latin
Meaning: "right-handed, skillful"
Character in the Book: In "This Lullaby," Dexter Jones is the lead singer of the quirky band Truth Squad (who wrote a song called "The Potato Opus"). Dexter meets Remy by chance and they keep seeming to run into each other. Dexter is quirky, charming, and all around a great guy. So, does he change Remy's mind about love? Read the book to find out!
Why You Should Use It: Dexter isn't a very popular name, and it's a classic. Dexter is quirky and cool, and you should really use it before it explodes in popularity (in 2010, it moved into the Top 500 names, jumping 89 spots to #454). Plus, the nickname Dex is rad. It's cool and quirky, just like Dexter.
Why You Might Not Want To Use It: Naturally, people's first impressions of this name will come from TV serial killed Dexter Morgan, from Dexter. This may or may not be a reason for you to turn away from this name.

Other names of main characters (girl & boy) from Dessen's books (titles books are in parentheses):
Haven & Sumner ("That Summer")
Halley, Scarlett & Michael ("Someone Like You")
Nicole "Colie" & Norman ("Keeping the Moon")
Caitlin & Rogerson ("Dreamland")
Macy & Wesley "Wes" ("The Truth About Forever")
Annabel & Owen ("Just Listen")
Ruby & Nate ("Lock and Key")
Auden Penelope (just thought I'd include her middle name) & Eli ("Along for the Ride")
Mclean (mc-lane) & Dave ("What Happened to Goodbye")

What? You want MORE? Okay, fine, I'll put more of the awesome names from Dessen's books.
Lydia, Gwendolyn ("That Summer")
Macon, Grace ("Someone Like You")
Isabel, Mira, Caroline ("Keeping the Moon")
Boo, Cassandra ("Dreamland")
Chloe, Ted ("This Lullaby")
Bert, Delia ("The Truth About Forever")
Clarke (g), Sophie, Mallory ("Just Listen")
Cora, Harriet, Reggie ("Lock and Key")
Hollis (b - Auden's brother), Esther, Clementine (a shop, after Dessen's daughter's middle name), Thisbe, Heidi, Magge, Belissa, Abe ("Along for the Ride")

As I'm sure you have learned from this, Sarah Dessen chooses amazing names for characters in her books. This was part of the reason I started to love her books.
And those were the names of the week!

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