Monday, June 20, 2011

Countdown with Keith Olbermann Starts Tonight!

America, if there is something you should know about me, it is that I love Keith Olbermann. I really do. He is the most outspoken, truthful, and hilarious newscaster/commentator out there today. It was devastating to me and my family (and I'm sure the majority of the country) when Olbermann announced, on that fateful January 21st, that he was leaving MSNBC. These past few months have been hard for me, trying to fill a gaping void (that was eventually filled with Stephen Colbert) that never truly felt healed.
But alas! Tonight, Keith will start his new and improved Countdown on Current TV. "What's that?" you might be asking yourself. And to that I say, "I am not totally sure!" But watch it anyway.

To those who are new to the awesomeness that is Keith Olbermann, here is a clip from one of his Special Comments (these are the best, and this is my favorite one, which coincidentally was aired on my birthday two and a half years ago).
Best. Special Comment. Ever!

To those who are not new to the Olber-Man (see what I did there?), here is a hilarious SNL skit that makes fun of him. True fans will get it (if you watched the previous video, then you'll probably get it, too).
Sorry I couldn't find it on YouTube, so watch it HERE!!

Watch my show. Or else...

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