Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tracy Morgan Apologzies and Bristol Palin Writes...A Memoir?

Let's begin with Tracy Morgan.
I'm sure everyone heard about the horrible, anti-gay remarks he made while doing a stand-up act in Tennessee a few weeks ago. If you haven't, he pretty much said that he would take out a knife and stab his son if he were gay. Harsh. There was tons of backlash and disgust (that was very much deserved), and Morgan apologized and said he would meet with homeless gay teens to make up for what he did. This man was true to his word.
I am a huge supporter of gay rights and equality (seriously, say an anti-gay remark to me and you will regret it). What Tracy Morgan said was wrong beyond belief, but it is awesome that he is righting his wrong. Congratulations, Tracy! Now, if only you were a better actor...

Moving on to Bristol Palin.
She is releasing...a memoir? Really? What is there to remember? ("I had a kid with Levi Johnston. My mom was almost VP, but thankfully wasn't. The End.") I always find it absurd when young people write memoirs, because there's usually not much to write about at such a young age, and it's usually just a good ploy to make money. So, Hollywood Reporter has released 5 secrets from Palin's memoir (which really aren't that secret or shocking), entitled Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far:

1. Palin writes she lost her virginity to Levi Johnston, her then boyfriend, on a camping trip with friends. According to Palin, that night she became drunk for the first time, and later had no memory of the encounter. She writes she had planned on remaining abstinent until marriage. (How'd that work out for ya?)
2. Palin describes suffering through Johnston's infidelities, with whom she has a son. She writes Johnston cheated on her “as frequently as he sharpened his hockey skates." (This was obviously a phrase chosen by the person who actually wrote the book.)
3. Palin’s parents, Todd and Sarah, were apparently quite supportive when she told them about her pregnancy in 2008. They spoke with her about her future and her education.
4. The morning her mother was announced as Sen. John McCain’s running mate, Palin and her siblings were awoken by their father and told they were going on a surprise trip. They ended up in Dayton, Ohio, where McCain made the announcement.
5. Bristol had one reaction when she learned Johnston had posed nude for Playgirl: “Puke!” In another point in the book, she refers to Johnston as "the gnat." (This is just too amusing.)
The Palins are too much for me to handle... Seriously. This girl is annoying as crap. Oh, and she's an abstinence spokeswoman for Candies? She had sex before marriage! She has a child! She should advocate something else, like not having sex with guys who are asses.
This is a Public Service Announcement: Don't give your kids stupid names like Tripp.


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