Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Voice: Announcing The Final Four

Hello America. Let me be honest with you guys... I have only seen the last 12 minutes of The Voice because I was out and did not know the show was on at 7. So I apologize for this relatively lame-ish post! I feel pretty embarrassed (not really)...
Forgive me? Thanks.

So, I don't know all the other drama that went down in the previous 48 minutes of the show. So all you get is who moves on and my opinion.

CeeLo's Team: Vicci Martinez
My dog days are over, losers.
She has decent vocals. Although I was hoping Nakia would stay (mostly so I could still refer to him as The Resident Caveman).

Adam's Team: Javier Colon
He has a decent voice. Although I don't remember much from his performance last night, other than him taking off his baseball cap (which, apparently, was more exiting than his singing).

Blake's Team: Dia Frampton
Woot woot! Give it up for true artists. I really like Dia, if only because she is truly artistic and writes her own music. I have tons of respect for that. Nice job, America!

Christina's Team: Beverly McClellan
Guess who thinks this is awesome? Me. I love people who are interesting, unique, and different, and Beverly is all of that. The tattoos, the bald head (and hopefully a sax and/bagpipes next week), all of it make for coolness.

Well, good luck contestants! It's time for America to pick the best of the worst. And the winner is announced next week. That's way too early (just another reason why American Idol is better).

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