Friday, July 8, 2011

The Church of Mumford: Meet the Prophets

As with any religion, there are prophets who deliver the message of divinity and such through stories and books. With the Church of Mumford, the prophets are singers who deliver the message of awesomeness through music and being awesome. As I'm sure you know (assuming you are a dedicated follower of the Church of Mumford), the main doctrines of the Church of Mumford are the album "Sigh No More" and the concept of The Holy Mum-Trinity: The Mumford, The Sons, and The Holy Banjo.

After that quick introduction, let's move onto the prophets (whom I've listed in alphabetical order, based on first name):

Ben Lovett:
Ah yes, the prophet that plays the accordion and piano, as well as lends his vocals to the harmonies. This guy is awesome, and I love seeing him get into his music when he starts stomping his feet as he is hunched over his piano. Ben truly is a great musician, and I read in a wonderful article (that my dear friend Rocco showed me, which I will link to at the end of this post) that he and Marcus have been playing together since "the age of about 12." Wow! They truly go way back. Hence, prophets. Also, Lovett is a really rad last name.
Let the sound of my accordion woo into the Church of Mumford.
Marcus Mumford
As his name suggests, he is the First Founding Father/Prophet of the Church of Mumford. Marcus lends his angelic voice and multi-instrument talent to this band. He plays the guitar, the drums, and sometimes plays the kickdrum while playing the guitar and singing. Is it any surprise that he is the lead prophet? (Answer: No.) I would like to personally thank Marcus for putting this band together and forever changing my life. Marcus, if you are reading this: yes, I would love to come to your show and join your band as VIMember. Because I can't sing or play an instrument (sorry, guys, the banjo just wasn't working out for me, I'm too busy). Here's our Marcus Mumford.
Mandolins are cool again. You're welcome, world.
Ted Dwane
This guy...he is crazy. He also lends his vocals to backup Marcus as well as strumming away on his stand up bass. Now, when we say Mumford & His Sons play in concert, I couldn't stop watching Ted. He gets so into his music, and closes his eyes and shakes his head as he hits the strings and sings along, it is amusing and magical all at once. Watch a video of them performing and pay attention to Ted (I'll post one at the end). He's also a pretty laid back guy. Here is our Third Prophet!
Our music even captivates me.
And, last but not least, my favorite of The Sons and new Future Fiance (plus, we're closer in age than PMcD and I are)...
"Country" Winston Marshall
Ah, yes. My darling Winnie. Look, if I haven't made it clear, I'm pretty much in love with this guy. He is awesome. Winston not only plays the banjo (which is much harder than it looks), but he also sings with his deep, strong voice and writes songs for the band, such as "Winter Winds." Every time I find something else new about him, I fall even more in love. He is super funny and talented, and, to make everything even more awesome, he's British (they all are, though). Now I will show a gallery of Winston photos. You're welcome.

Rachel, I love you. (I know, Winston, I know.)

That's my Church of Mumford post. Enjoy learning about the Prophets, and here are some other fun things for you:
Interview with Marcus and Win
Marcus Mumford Interview
"Dust Bowl Dance" Live!

Highlights from Bonnaroo (I'm not sure how this doesn't include every song)

PS: As you're reading this, I'm probably on a plane to Portland, Oregon or already there. My mother and I are going to an American Idol concert, so there will be quite a few pre-posted blogs. But, I'm sure you'll love them anyway (at least, you should). I'll do a post about the concert and something else, if I find time. Stay tuned!


  1. 1) have a blasty blast at the AI concert. Don't fall alseep during Pia's performance lol

    2) love love love this post! im not a religious person... but i can get on board with this religion.

    3) that performance of dust bowl dance is epic... thank you for posting that.

    4) that winnie... he's quite the charmer.

  2. 1) Thanks Rocco! I'm super excited for tomorrow. Haha I just might fall asleep.
    2) This is the only religion to which I will adhere. The only one worth following. Haha.
    3) You're very welcome! That peformance was super intense.
    4) Oh gosh...he really is. I've spent way too many hours watching Mum videos just to watch him. Haha.