Tuesday, July 26, 2011

America's Got Talent: The Third Dozen Perform

Okay America, let's move onto the third dozen of the top 48. Every week I was hoping to come up with a new way to say 12, but it's kind of hard to do so. Anywhoo, let's get started with the show that my Potato (dad) compares to "a terrible school talent show."

Summerwind Skippers
First of all, what a lame name. Second of all, jump roping? Okay...
Let me be honest here, I've always been jealous of jump ropers. I've never been able to jump rope very well, and these guys are doing tricks. But nothing about this act excited me. It's jump roping, for goodness sake (how exciting can that get?). The music was annoying, all they did was jump some rope, and I wasn't a big fan.
Piers started out as a cynic, but said they made "skipping sexy." Um....
Overall Grade: C-

Sh'Boss Boys
We have no talent, beside being super adorable.
My mom said, "Oh, the shabbot boys?" If only... So these are three little boys whose are being exploited by their parents by rapping. Nothing is better than little kids rapping (actually, I can think of many things that are better, like even the jump roping).
If I'm not mistaken, it appears that this act is a joke. Someone told these adorable little boys to inhale tons of helium before performing. I cannot believe that this is actually happening. This is the worst thing that I've ever had the misfortune of watching/hearing.
All of the judges sidestepped the fact that they were absolutely terrible and just commented on how adorable they are. We all know how adorable they are! That's the only reason they made it through the first round.
Overall Grade: D- If they make it through to next week, I will track down whoever voted for them and yell at them (I don't want to be too violent).

Mauricio Herrera
Someone please remind me why this guy is still in the competition? I guess it's because he lost weight (that's what he told everyone).
Mauricio enters the stage wearing a horribly tacky outfit that has way too much leather. My mom has commented that she doesn't think he knows they're mocking him. I'm not sure how he doesn't know, it's rather obvious. This is such a horrid performance, I went back to up the grade of the Sh'Boss Boys just because this was worse.
Both Sharon and Piers X'd him. Is that surprising to anyone? (I'm just surprised that Howie didn't also X him.) Ugh that was so terrible.
Overall Grade: F- Please America, just send him home!

Seth Grabel
Vote for me and my creepily arched eyebrows.
This guy is an illusionist. I hope that he has a fiance hotter than Swanky's, or else he'll be going home. Either that or his tricks are better (but really, who cares about the magic part?).
Apparently Seth is "going to risking my life for you, America." This is the way the entertainment industry should be - if you're not entertaining, you die. I'm genius. The whole set up for this illusion was so ridiculously cheesy, I almost didn't want to watch the act. After he fell into the tar, they "put" him into a cannon and blasted it when he "suddenly" appeared in that water thing. Uh, that was so obvious. He was in the water thing after falling and they carried a dummy. That was dumb, I figured it out so easily (and if I can figure it out, it isn't very good).
The judges seemed to love it. Why? Could they not figure out the simplicity in the illusion?
Overall Grade: C-

Firstly, I hate that they spelled life wrong. That is so stupid to me. Secondly, I hate teen pop groups. Thirdly, I hate all of the drama the producers set up before the act to make it seem amazing when they pull it off.
Tonight they're singing "Rolling in the Deep." Sorry folks, I've decided to skip through this. I don't want some teeny boppers to ruin one of my favorite songs.
The judges seemed to love them. Clearly they don't listen to Adele (which they should).
Overall Grade: N/A Sorry everyone.

Ian Johnson
Nick Cannon said, "You won't believe what this guy can do with a yo-yo." Oh Nick, you don't know the yo-yo things I've seen (think what you will about that comment).
Let's see Ian try to make yo-yoing cool. First thoughts, the dancers are unnecessary. As my Potato said, "It's cool, but it's not a Vegas show." I couldn't have said it better myself. Ian is talented with a yo-yo, but I don't know how many people would go to watch a whole show of his (I wouldn't).
Piers X'd this guy and said, "it's still bloody boring." Howie said he'll be the best yo-yo act in the world, but agrees with my thoughts on the headline act thing.
Overall Grade: C-

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.
This guy has a shocking voice, let's see how he does.
He's singing "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra, which was one of my parents' wedding songs. They have high expectations for Landau! This is one of the best performances of the night, so far... His voice is interesting enough, but I think he belongs on Broadway (I'm totally right about that one). I loved watching his overwhelmed reaction to looking out at the audience. Special moment, my friends.
Piers "Jerkface" Morgan was brutally honest, as usual. The other two judges blah blah blahed all about how wonderful he was. Sharon said how proud she was of him, and Potato said, "Oh, did you raise him?" Classic.
Overall Grade: B

Purrfect Angelz
What we lack in talent we make up for in hotness.
Are they dead cats or something? Because that's what their name implies. Oh, wait, sorry, they've informed us, "We're besties!" This is sure to be a great act (sarcasm alert)!
Oh my lordy... These girls are pretty much dancing like strippers. Like Swanky's fiance, they're relying solely on their hotness (and some talent). Otherwise, this dance is reminiscent of some kind of weird, kinky porno. I'm not a huge fan, even if they can kind of dance. But it was terribly cheesy, to be honest.
Piers X'd them (rightfully so) because he thinks they don't have a chance of getting through. Howie compared this act to something at Hooters.
Overall Grade: C-

What a fancy shmancy name. This young girl is a singer who was left homeless after a hurricane. What a tragedy. The homelessness and singing don't relate, but I had to mention both of them.
So, when Monét said she would be singing "Home," my mind first went to Mumford & Sons (naturally). Then I realized it was probably the Daughtry one, and got excited. But no, it's some "Home" I've never heard before. Anyway, my Potato has mimicked the buzzer quite a few times already, and I agree. This little girl cannot hit any notes correctly, she was boring, and the only thing she has going for her is her sad story. Sorry, Monét, you gotta go.
How come nobody X'd her (my dad did)? Howie mentioned the missed notes, Piers also mentioned the pitchiness (but he sees real promise), and Sharon reminded her that she's poor and couldn't afford singing lessons. Rude.
Overall Grade: D Sorry, if you're going to sing, you better do it well. Exception: Me.

Captain & Maybelle
This tattooed, dangerous couple are constantly putting themselves in scary situations. But they measure up to my hopes for the entertainment industry (entertain me or die trying).
The 50's kitchen set up is really cheesy. Holy shit!! They hung a pan from their tongue and nose. And then I just about died when Captain put hooks into his lower eyelids and smung stuff around from it. I pretty much did what the judges did and kind of turned away from the screen. But I tried to watch everything for you, America (you're welcome).
The judges expressed their disgust and intrigue with this act. I couldn't agree more.
Overall Grade: B+ After hearing Captain's mini-speech about not judging by what they look like, I upped the score. And also, I enjoy the life risking thing.

Lys Agnès
She sings opera...I hate opera. Sorry but I tend to find it rather annoying. Lys has really long hair and that also bothers more. But I'll try to get over these short comings (even if it's difficult) and judge her correctly.
Hey guess what? She's from Colorado, gotta support my home state acts. This set up is so cheesy. Lys is standing behind a giant picture frame, and this reminds me of the painting from Harry Potter (the ones that move). I'm not a fan of opera! I don't know what the heck she's saying, and I doubt she knows either. Luckily, Lys has a relatively decent voice, but she did miss a few notes here and there.
Piers wasn't moved, but Howie and Sharon were. Whatever, I was bored.
Overall Grade: C

Professor Splash
For this final act (please be the final act), this crazy professor will be outside. He'll be jumping from a really extreme height (I don't remember what it was) into a kiddie pool into 12 inches of water. This is nuts.
I must admit that I'm rather terrified for this man's safety. What will happen to this man's School of Splash if he dies? (Since he's a Professor, I only assume that he has a school.) This guy is also from Denver! I'm so excited about all of my fellow Coloradans on this show. When he jumped, I held my breath. I think this guy gets off on scaring the crap out of people. Oh, he also set a world record of highest jump from 36 feet, 7 inches.
The judges seemed to love it. Of course, what's not to love about this death-defying stuntman?
Overall Grade: A How could I give him any less? He followed my motto, "Entertain me, or die trying."
Question: What made Professor Splash decide to go into this line of work? Did he wake up one morning and say, "Hey, maybe I should start jumping from extreme heights into small amounts of water."? What a crazy guy.

Here's my top 4 predictions:
Professor Splash
Seth Grabel
Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.
Lys Agnès

See you tomorrow!

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