Friday, July 15, 2011

Would You Like to Download "Sister" from Mumford & Sons?

Here's the best part: It's free! And legal! (That is the best combination when it comes to music. I am strongly opposed to illegally downloading music, just so you know.)

So guys, I found a way to download "Sister" from Mumford & Sons' website, hence legal. I happened to stumble upon it, and since I'm so super in love with that song right now, it was perfect! Would you like the link? Yes? Okay!
Download "Sister" HERE!

You're welcome world. To add cherry on top of this Mumford Ice Cream, here's some pictures. And another funny interview (it's one of my favorites). Enjoy!
If that's Winston smoking, I'm going to be pissed...

Interview with Mark Hoppus (Winston makes me laugh so hard in this one):

You're welcome, world. Remember to enjoy your daily dose of Mumford & His Sons (especially the Winston Marshall son).


  1. winnie wrote "sister"... thats why its so good

  2. My thoughts exactly. Love that man.