Monday, July 11, 2011

More New Music: In the Thread of Mumford & Sons

Hello, readers. Since my last New Music post went over so well, I have decided to do it again. (I will try to make this happen often because I know how much people love finding new music.)

Today's New Music is in the thread of Mumford & Sons, hence the title. When I went to their amazing concert a few weeks ago (which remains as the greatest night ever), there were two fantastic bands that open for them. I know have mentioned them before, but I want this to be a loud and clear message to the world. These next two performers that I am about to introduce you to are so flipping awesome, your brain might explode (wear a helmet). Ready for brain explosion? Let's do this.

Matthew and the Atlas
Matthew (bottom left) kind of looks like Mitchell from "Modern Family."
This was the first band to open for Mumford & Sons (the one which my mom missed because she almost passed out). So, hearing them live was pretty darn cool because they are full of greatness, but it's even more awesome to have their music for yourself, which I have. Anyway, this band was started by lead singer Matthew Hegarty, who is British, and he also plays the banjo and guitar. He put together this awesome band, and they are awesome. There is a female singer who beautifully harmonizes with Matthew, named Lindsay West, who also plays the piano.  The other band members are: Dave Millar - accordian, vocals, Thomas Field - drums, and Harrison Cargill - banjo, vocals.
So now that you guys have been formally introduced, onto the music. Matthew's voice is stunning, and like I already mentioned, Lindsay's voice sounds beautiful with his, a perfect mix of high and low. How the tones of their voices work with the music they make is just wonderful. The lyrics to their songs are so powerful and meaningful, they take my breath away. Like Mumford & His Sons, I would classify Matthew and his Atlas as Indie Folk. The banjo and piano adds to the folksy sound, without sounding too country. They are just the right amounts of rock, folk, and bluegrass. This band will blow your mind!!
Songs to Check Out: I Will Remain (my favorite), I Followed Fires, Within the Rose

Video Time!
"Within the Rose"

"I Will Remain" (So, according to most websites I'm singing the lyrics wrong, but I think I'm singing them right. Anyway, my favorite line is: "To you, is it a failure, to forget the ones you once held dear, I tried to remember but my mind is no longer clear. Ooh ooh ooh, you recognize me? I've fallen from, far from the tree." Awesome, awesome song.)

Next up is a Hometown Hero,
Nathaniel Rateliff
Before we get into the awesomeness that is his music, funny story: I was listening to him the other day and my mom said, "Oh, is this Daniel Radcliff?" And I said, "No, Mom, this isn't Harry Potter." I am hilarious.
Anyway, as I mentioned, Nathaniel is a hometown hero, because he is from Colorado (represent). So Nathaniel's voice is amazing. As the guys next to me at the concert said, "Sometimes he sounds like he's singing a foreign language, but he isn't. But his raspy voice is so amazing, and that makes his music great." I know that doesn't sound like the best compliment (it is one, I swear), but it's true. Rateliff's voice is so unique and raspy, that sometimes you can't completely understand what he's saying, but that adds to the mystery of his music. His lyrics are so beautiful and relatable, that I sometimes I have a hard time stopping myself from listening to the song over and over again just to take in the words (it is also like this with the former band). Rateliff's voice sounds beautiful with the instruments and how he composes the music and lyrics add to the drama. His music is also in the folksy thread, but has a little more rock than bluegrass. Rateliff often performs with The Fairchildren, and his voice sounds amazing when accompanied by the female singer of that band. Beautiful.
Songs to Check Out: Shroud (my favorite), Early Spring Till, Laughing

Video Time!
"Shroud" (My favorite line is: "Well don't blow my cover, it's taken years to make a beautiful shroud." Stunning, it really is.)

"Early Spring Till"

Okay guys, I have introduced you to these amazing, deserving, and probably struggling bands. Whether or not you loved these guys (although I'm 100% positive that you did), if you want their music, PLEASE buy it on iTunes or through their websites. Matthew and the Atlas and Nathaniel Rateliff are small, amazing musicians who deserve to make money off of the music they have worked so hard to put out there. Support small musicians, buy their music.
Matthew and the Atlas (their website isn't yet up, but it links to other stuff, and you can get a free track)
Nathaniel Rateliff

Enjoy, world!

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