Wednesday, July 27, 2011

America's Got Talent: Results of July 27th

Here we go, America. It's time to send home 2/3 of the third dozen of performers. (I apologize for that truly terrible way of saying 8 performers will head home in shame tonight.) Let's get started!

To review, here were my predictions for the four moving on:
Professor Splash
Seth Grabel
Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.
Lys Agnes

Oh my good lord... I must say that I hate when advertising is included in TV shows. Our world has become so full of advertisements and makes me mad! It's even worse when it's for some dumb kid's movie about small, blue creatures. I'm talking about the Smurfs, by the way.

Let's move on...
The First Act Moving On: Gotcha!
None of the first three acts they pulled onstage are moving on. I have to say that I'm rather pleased because at first I was worried that my guessing streak would be ruined from the start. Luckily, that didn't happen.

Stevie Nicks performed next. I didn't care, so I skipped through it (also, I was on the phone with and I convinced my best friend Laura Mora to write on her whiteboard using her feet. She told me that she's right-footed).

First Act to Move On (for real this time): Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.
But wait, there's more!
Second Act to Move on: PopLyfe
Maybe if America listened to Adele, we wouldn't be here.

So far I'm one for two. Damn you, PopLyfe, for not only ruining my streak but also for getting America to vote for you after I'm certain you ruined that Adele song! I hate teen pop bands...

Third Act to Move on: Lys Agnes
Aaand she's back! Now I'm two for three tonight (even if I think that number should be higher). I think that Lys needs to get her hair cut, and America obviously likes Colorado. So far they've voted through two Coloradans, and hopefully Professor Splash is the third from my (awesome) state.

To break up the monotony, they've brought back one of the top three acts from last year, Defying Gravity. I pretty much never watched this embarrassing excuse for a talent show last year, but I've seen this guys and they're so cool. I enjoy acts that risk their lives or do things to trip my mind (preferably both, though). Also, some of these guys are pretty cute when they're not wearing a block bodysuit.

More Stevie Nicks?! Look, I already saw her on another terrible NBC talent (or lack thereof) show, I don't need to see her again. I'm looking at you, The Voice.

I have to preface this next elimination by saying if the Shabbot Boys move on, I'm going to hunt down the people who voted for them. I know I said this yesterday, but I feel this cannot be iterated enough.
Classic moment just happened... When Nick Cannon said, "The next act going home is" (insert unnecessarily long pause here) "The Sh'Boss Boys." One of the little boys started cheering until another one told him they were leaving, and he immediately looked devastated. Sad, but classic.

This last one was up to the judges, between Professor Splash and Seth Grabel.
Fourth Act to Move on: Professor Splash
America follows Rachel's motto: Entertain me or die trying.
I didn't really care too much about this one. Either way my streak for the night would be three for four (damn you, PopLyfe).

There you have it, folks. Tune in next week for more AGT (I just learned about this cool nickname for the show). Adios!

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