Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Want MORE Mumford & Sons?!

Luckily, I have that for you. At the time I am writing this, I am watching tons of Mumford & Sons videos on the YouTube, and since I couldn't think of another post idea for today, you will be receiving more Mumford & Sons videos.
We have interviews, songs (I did ones that weren't from "Sigh No More"), and all of the Country Winston you could ever dream of having (PS: watching these videos has helped to seal my love for this man). Let's get started.

Winston and Ben talk with Billboard
Holy crap I love Winston.
"If Carrie Underwood was four different people, all of different race, and uh wasn't as country, and was British then that's kind of, maybe..."
Haha classic.

Singing "Sister" at Rolling Stone. Do you hear how deep Ted Dwane's voice is? Holy shit.

"Hold On To What You Believe" (This isn't a live version or anything, but this song was only released on the British deluxe version, so despite my attempts to change countries and buy it on iTunes, most of us won't have this song. But this song is beautiful.)

"Below My Feet" (This was my favorite of the new songs they performed. This is a live sound recording, but not video.)

"Nothing is Written" (This has a bunch of pictures that I want. Mostly to look at Winston.)

Interview with all four of them on Absolute Radio (Kind of long, but totally worth it. Then again, anything concerning Mumford & Sons is worth it.)
Random thoughts about the video: -I love that Ted's nickname is T-Bear. -Winston's laugh is bizarre but cute. -Marcus' laugh is hilarious, and I immediately thought of Ricky Gervais (like the radio guy said). -I love it when Winnie says, "Yeah, we're really scene-y. We're really cliquey... You gotta be good looking." -Marcus says, "We bring a truck of soil with us wherever we go." These guys are too frickin' funny! -I'm completely smitten with Winston.

Okay, that post was longer than I intended, so I apologize. But, as I said, you can never have too much Mumford.

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