Thursday, July 7, 2011

Preparing for the American Idol LIVE! Concert

First of all, I felt really stupid typing that LIVE! part of the title. But hey, at least I know that all of the contestants are alive.
Secondly, (I'm sure) everyone here knows about the crush I used to have the fabulous Paul McDonald. He was in line to be my Future Fiance until he proposed to that slut Nikki Reed (just kidding, she's not a slut...completely), so I've moved onto Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons. That's all beside the point. I'm still a huge fan of Paul McDonald and his awesome band The Grand Magnolias. Being the huge fan I am, I decided to bling-ify a shirt I got that is a replica of Paul's rhinestone cowboy suit. It took over 530 rhinestones and quite a few hours of hard, hard work (which was eased by the humor from How I Met Your Mother). But the results made it all worth it.

Here is Paul's original Rhinestone Cowboy Suit:

Next comes my replica of the shirt. I have before and after pictures.
BEFORE the blingification. There are black dots where I put the rhinestones. Front, back, detail.

So those are the before shots. Still a totally awesome shirt, but not as cool as....
AFTER the blingification. Front, back, detail.

How totally rad is that?! I think my shirt is so super awesome.
Mine and my mom's original plan was to (try to) find Paul McDonald in Portland and my shiny shirt would catch his attention. I may or may not continue with this semi-stalker plan, as long as I don't get arrested for it.

Here is a video to remind you all of PMcD's awesomeness.

I'll do a post on the concert when I return! Until then, enjoy my pre-planned posts through Wednesday.


  1. that shirt is awesome. have fun girl!!!

  2. Thanks so much! :) I'm super pumped.