Sunday, July 3, 2011

I've Been Missing Prince William and Princess Kate

I felt so fancy typing that title. And, even though Kate isn't officially a princess yet, I'm calling her that anyway.
Anywhoo, I've missed hearing the news of every little thing that do (who hasn't?), so I decided to catch up on their exciting lives.

Here's what I missed...
They're in Canada! And they planted a tree that will live for 800 years to symbolize their love, as well as meeting a bunch of married couples so they feel pressured to stay married forever. Kate clearly had to do all the work of digging up the ground and planting the tree (come on, Prince William! That's your job).
800 years sure is a long time...
This is my favorite picture, it just makes me laugh. Prince William realizes that he will be committed to Kate Middleton for a long, long time.

Also, while in Canada, they faced tons of protesters. I'm not really sure what there was to protest, because who doesn't love this Royal Couple? Despite them, Prince William and Kate just meandered through Canada, looking gorgeous as usual.
But we're much too pretty to be harassed!
Up next, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cooked with some famous Canadian chef. Unfortunately, I don't keep up with things in Canada, so I don't know who it was or any other details. The only thing I know for sure is that Kate looked amazing even while wearing a chef's apron, Prince William made some food, and Prince Harry is sadly missing from these photos.
So there you have it, folks! That is what the Royal Couple have been up to while I've been busy doing other stuff. I know everyone in the world loves them (except maybe Canada, but that's their loss), and so do I.

Before I go, I will leave you with one last picture... I'm sure that mentioning Prince Harry got your hopes up, and I just can't let you down. Here's that charming Prince.
You're welcome, world.


  1. have i told you i love prince harry. i really do

  2. Rocco, you may have mentioned it once or twice before... Haha.